Celebrity impressions are always a good time, even when they kind of miss the mark. Just look at any celebrity impression compilation on YouTube and you’ll undoubtedly do the Leo DiCaprio meme at least once.

But sometimes, a celebrity impression transcends its inspiration to become something else entirely.

Juank Multivoces is one-of-a-kind

This is mostly the case with Juank Multivoces, a Guatemalan TikToker who posts videos of himself singing Shakira songs in her voice. Juan has an energy about him.

Unlike most people on the popular social media platform, he’s clearly not pretending to be someone he isn’t, which is refreshing and a ton of fun to watch. This dude just loves to sing like Shakira and wanted to share it with the world.

His videos echo the early to mid-aughts internet, when people didn’t worry about brands or revenue streams or ad partnerships. If a guy wanted to show you how to play chess with nothing but your toes, he was going to do it.

TikTok commenters are eating him up. His fans call him “Shakiro” and they’re always in his comment sections telling the impersonator how similar he sounds to his original inspiration. Most of the comments on his videos are just people commenting “Shakiro” with various emojis.

However, he did oblige one fan who requested a cover of “Las de la Intuición,” posting a video of his rendition shortly after responding to the comment.

In fact, he seems to enjoy fulfilling many of the requests in his comments, which is a nice way of interacting with his fans and letting them know he cares.

Juank Multivoces is still something of a mystery

Juan himself is quite the enigma. The impersonator’s bio on TikTok simply reads, “You can follow me on Instagram and YouTube juank multivoces.” Going to both of those social media pages, the content on all three of them is mostly the same. There are a couple skits on Instagram that don’t appear on his TikTok.

But, for the most part, all we see of him are his Shakira impressions. Some of his skits on Instagram are pretty funny, though. And his vlog posts where he talks about his life are so charming. One can’t help but root for this guy. He seems sweet; he loves to sing, and he appreciates every single person who watches his videos.

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