If there’s one thing many of us Latinos know, especially people from Mexico, it’s this: Zote soap is amazing.

To us, and especially our parents and abuelos, Zote soap is kind of a cure-all. Laundry? Zote’s got it. Body wash? You’ll never feel cleaner. Mosquito repellent? Some say yes. A pimple-dryer, dish soap, and all-in-all, a perfect product proudly made in México.

A TikTok influencer just posted about her new obsession with Zote soap

Now, the very famous TikTok influencer Mikayla Nogueira just discovered how awesome Zote is, and posted a video about it. While Nogueira explained that Zote is “the best affordable brush soap” to her 14.4 million followers, many Latino users had mixed feelings about the video.


Replying to @theejulez please tell me there’s a fragrance free version 🥹 #makeup #beauty #makeupbrushes

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Nogueira held up a big bar of pink Zote and said she paid $4.99 for it on Amazon. Saying it smells “really good,” she compared it to the soap she regularly uses to clean makeup brushes which costs $23. Seeing the insane size difference, the beauty influencer asked, “Now that I’ve seen this, why the f**k do they sell this for $23? It’s a piece of f**king soap with pink dye in it.” Um, yes!

Nogueira quickly realized the magic powers of Zote

At that point, it was time to put the magic soap to the test. The 24-year-old got her tray of dirty brushes put her brush cleaning pad in the sink. She ran Zote soap under lukewarm water, and rubbed her brush directly on the soap— you know, just how many of our abuelas and moms have always done.

“It definitely worked,” even with eyeshadow brushes full of green shadow. The result? As many of us could expect, “as good as new.” Zote is a miracle-worker, but you probably already knew that.

Now, many Latinos feel the Mexican soap is being “colonized,” and fear a shortage

Over on the comment section, many Latino users are on the fence about the “gentrification” of Zote soap. One person warned, “If you sell out jabón Zote our Hispanic moms will get so mad 😭.” Mami will riot.

Another wrote, “Mikayla Girl 😩 zote bout to raise their prices now 😂,” while yet another agreed: “Great. Now we are gonna run out…. We can’t have nothing 🥲🤣.”

Over on Twitter, the sentiment is about the same. While some users are crying-laughing about Zote now being called “the TikTok soap,” others are getting their abuelitas involved:

Even more users see the move as “colonizing” the soap, while another is telling everyone to go to the supermarket quick:

Still, there’s no doubt Mikayla posting about Zote is huge for the brand — and will surely result in a big payout for them. Do we want a shortage? No. But do we want a made-in-Mexico brand to succeed even more? Absolutely.

What do you think about Zote becoming a worldwide TikTok trend?