In recent television hits, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” stands out among some of late-night television’s best shows. Although most of its success is attributed to Kimmel’s ingenious and entertaining scripts and the endearing ensemble of talent sharing the stage with him, Guillermo Rodriguez, affectionately known as ‘Guillermo,’ is among the pinnacles of the show.

The Mexican comedian earned special recognition for his contributions to the show for Latino Heritage Month.

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According to ABC, the Los Angeles City Council awarded him a certificate, along with three other Latinos, calling them a “treasure” to the Latino community.

“Guillermo is just one of those household names, national television figures at a time particularly when Latinos are so underrepresented,” said Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez on Wednesday.

Guillermo has been part of the show since its launch, embodying the vibrant essence of Latino culture

Although Guillermo started as a security guard, he has slowly climbed the ladder of success. Since starting the show in 2003, he has played significant roles on television.

In some segments, he serves as a celebrity gossip correspondent on “Guillermo’s Hollywood Round-Up.” He has also been present at important events such as the Oscars and NBA All-Star Games.

After receiving recognition from the City of Los Angeles, the television star expressed gratitude to Kimmel, confirming that the television host approached him to be in a few parodies. However, everything fell into place with time.

“He told me, ‘Listen, I’m looking for someone just like you. Not a buff guy, no muscles, nothing like that,'” he said.

Adding, “I want someone like you with a little belly, someone who’s funny, someone who wants to enjoy life. Twenty years later, I’m still here.”

Before his lucky break on the show, Guillermo worked up to three jobs simultaneously

According to a report on the show, Guillermo was born in Zacatecas, and moved to the United States in 2003. That same year, he appeared on the show shortly after working security.

In search of the American dream, Rodriguez worked up to three jobs simultaneously. He had two full-time gigs during the week. On weekends, he was a service room employee at a hotel in the morning and a security guard at night.

According to the show’s website, Guillermo, 52, has lived in California for over ten years. Some of his favorite things are soccer, Mexican food, Italian food, meeting celebrities, and his chihuahuas Pepe and Paco.

In October 2021, the show paid tribute to Latinos. Guillermo and the show’s musical director, Cleto Escobedo III, discussed their beginnings on television and Latino pride.

Funnily enough, the Mexican comedian initially did not want to be part of the show because he was shy and had no experience. However, the production team convinced him, and the rest is history.