Mexican reporter Leonardo Schwebel has gone from independent journalist, to host of the Telediario de Guadalajara news station, to international figure — and his meteoric rise all goes down to his epic, angry, honest rants.

Schwebel’s YouTube page Pueblo Informado has a whopping 259,000 subscribers, tuning into the reporter’s daily videos that regularly talk politics, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In fact, Schwebel initially rose to prominence with a February 2021 video simply titled, “No pueden ni hacer una página,” which criticizes how the Mexican government’s website for vaccine sign ups didn’t work properly. As the reporter talks at length with an attitude that shows concern, anger, and hilarious despair, comments on the video range from, “when I need some laughing therapy I go back to this video and it’s incredible: I still cry of laughter. Thank you Don Leo” to “I laughed a lot but you are so right.” 

While some user’s comments wish Schwebel would calm down and even fear him “having a heart attack” from his passionate speeches, the majority of commenters absolutely love how the reporter refuses to hold back his opinions.

In fact, after about minute 10:00, Schwebel really goes off, screaming at the top of his lungs, “una p*nche pagina y no la pueden hacer?” And while the video was published almost a year ago, the journalist isn’t stopping his rants anytime soon.

His recent speech on Telediario de Guadalajara, features Schwebel yelling at the top of his lungs at anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers: “liberty doesn’t give you the right to mess with others, you… anti-vaxxers… imbeciles… put on your damn mask and stop messing with the world… yes, you, anti-vaxxer, you’re an imbecile, put on your mask!” While we can’t stop laughing at the over-the-top screaming on air, viewers all over the world are applauding Schwebel’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude. 

As reported by The Independent, Mexico has seen a major rise in COVID-19 cases as of late, with the seven-day average of cases a day going from 2,414 to 37,147 in the span of less than a month. With more than 300,000 deaths out of 4.39 million COVID-19 infections, Schwebel’s anger is completely understandable — and at least it’s getting the attention of people in Mexico and abroad.

Mexican news outlet La Saga pointed out that U.S. outlets can’t stop talking about Schwebel’s passionate, rage-filled speech. On his show, Jimmy Kimmel said “no living person has made a more compelling argument to get the shot than this news commentator from Mexico… his name is Leonardo Schwebel… he cleared all possible language barriers to make his case.” While Kimmel says he might make that his ringtone, commenters agree: “give [Schwebel] a raise, the key  to the city, Nobel prize, everything. Finally a no BS person saying what needed to be said.”

On “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” the famous host said, “I’m not the only one fed up with these mask-holes. In Mexico, Leonardo Schwebel, an anchor for Telediario Guadalajara… has had just about enough.”

The audience, the show’s band, and Colbert all applaud, honoring the reporter, with the host saying, “it’s nice to know that whatever country you’re from, we all speak the universal language of [insert expletives here].”

Even Jimmy Fallon covered it, saying, “you know that’s how Dr. Fauci feels on the inside.”