This is not a drill. Pedro Pascal just admitted he has a “secret” TikTok account, so in case you were wondering, he’s definitely seen all those decidedly-thirsty fan edits. In typical Pascal fashion though, the actor takes it all in stride — and actually got to the Oscars red carpet wondering if Rihanna was performing. Pedro Pascal, why do we love you so?

Pedro Pascal’s Oscars red carpet interview just gave us life

The “Game of Thrones” actor was all smiles as he spoke to ABC interviewer Ashley Graham, both agreeing that this year’s Oscars red carpet was as chaotic as ever. While there was “a lot going on” around them (the fans behind Pascal freaking out would definitely be us), the interviewer still carved out the time to ask Pascal the question on everyone’s mind. “How does it feel to be such a heartthrob?”

Always humble, Pascal replied with another question, “A heartthrob? I mean, really?” This isn’t the first time the “Narcos” star has questioned his status as Hollywood’s hottest — he recently spoke out about it in an interview with Sensacine. He told the outlet, “What’s going on with people that they like an old guy like me? I don’t understand it. What has happened culturally?”

His words of advice to anyone who thinks he’s a zaddy? “Focus on Harry Styles.” After that video saying he’s a “cool, slutty daddy,” we have a feeling that’s not happening anytime soon.

Sound the alarms — Pascal probably has a TikTok

Back to the Oscars red carpet interview though, because one specific part was enlightening. The interviewer told Pedro Pascal that “people on TikTok love” him, surely referring to the sheer amount of fan edits related to the actor’s unofficial “sexiest man alive” title. That being said, since the actor doesn’t have an official TikTok, we all thought he hadn’t seen them. Plot twist? It seems like he has.

Graham asked Pascal, “Do you have a TikTok?” to which he mysteriously replied, “I have… uh… No, I don’t.” In the words of Cardi B, that’s suspicious, that’s weird. The “Last Of Us” star then laughed it off, and while the interviewer kept speaking, he said: “I have a secret one.” Whether Graham noticed that comment at the moment, we definitely did from the comfort of our couches — and subsequently freaked out.

Just one thing was on his mind though, and… same

But wait, the interview got even better. The actor said he was simply “excited to watch the show,” but had one very important question. He asked, “Is Rihanna performing?” which is the only question to ever ask in the existence of humanity. We understand you, Pascal, we do. Rihanna should always be performing. We stan!

Yet another part of the conversation we loved? After being asked where his infamous glasses are, Pascal said he would wear them again to present the nominees. He said, “I’ll be wearing them to read the teleprompter,” keeping his title as a very relatable king. The best part? He actually did.

So, after this year’s Oscars, we can say with 99% accuracy that Pedro Pascal most probably has a TikTok account. As one fan put it over on Twitter, “[Pascal’s] face said ‘I have a burner account but i’m not gonna tell you that’… That man has seen the edits.” Honestly? He probably has, and we love that for him.