Sound the alarms— Pedro Pascal just appeared on “Hot Ones,” and… is it actually getting kind of hot in here?

As is typical from the YouTube series, the “Game Of Thrones” actor spent the episode sweating through some of the spiciest wings imaginable— while attempting to hold a conversation, of course. While we must admit Pascal was a trooper throughout the episode, one hot sauce named “Da Bomb Beyond Insanity” nearly killed the man. His reaction? “No, no, no… Can somebody step in here and let me bite into their flesh?” Whatever helps the burn, we guess. Still, one of the most entertaining parts of the episode was probably his tirade on New York’s Mexican food.

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The actor actually grew up in San Antonio and Southern California

As he discussed throughout the interview, Pascal spent his childhood in San Antonio and Southern California, so he actually does know a thing or two about “good” Mexican food. While the “Last Of Us” star was born in Santiago, Chile, his parents fled then-dictator Pinochet’s regime— and ended up in San Antonio, Texas. Pascal described their immigration story on his SNL episode, saying, “They were so brave. And without them, I wouldn’t be here in this wonderful country.”

According to Variety, Pascal left Chile when he was less than a year old, after his parents claimed asylum. After a short time in Denmark (really), baby Pascal ended up in Texas— and for years, he loved every minute of it. As per the outlet, his childhood in San Antonio was spent going to Spurs basketball games and going to the local movie theater.

In fact, he told My San Antonio that he spent lots of time at that theater: “I would watch movies and play in the arcade all day… It was like they babysat me.” Another thing he’ll never forget from his childhood home? San Antonio’s breakfast tacos— and “good frijoles”).

Pascal says he has always felt “kinda Texan”— and judged NYC’s Mexican food when he moved there

By fifth grade, the actor’s family moved to Orange County, California, where Pascal got involved in a local theater group and found his lifelong passion. Still he never stopped feeling “kinda Texan” throughout his life, and as he explained on “Hot Ones,” his eventual move to NYC was shocking for one main reason— the Mexican food there.

Pascal said it was “time to make people angry,” A.K.A. he was preparing himself to choose violence that day. He went on, “I was in Southern California [eating] Mexican food, then I come to New York and for 20 years people were like, ‘This place is good Mexican’ and I’m just like ‘No it’s not.’”

Pascal put it simply: “There’s no good Mexican food in New York. Come for me.”

Was it the “Da Bomb Beyond Insanity” making him woozy? Or was it working as a truth potion instead? You be the judge.

Of course, as the actor expected, many people on social media are already reacting to the “no good Mexican food in NYC” allegation. One Twitter user wrote, “This man is wisdom,” and well, he’s not wrong:

Another wrote, “When Pedro Pascal said there’s no good Mexican food in New York I felt that,” while someone else said it was the “most truthful” thing they’ve heard all day:

Then, one Twitter user beat us all by saying they will “personally” take him on a tour to visit all of NYC’s best Mexican restaurants, for business, obviously. Business!

Now, without further ado, here’s Pedro Pascal talking about San Antonio tacos’ supremacy: