It’s great to see multiple Latino actors and actresses finally make their way right to the Hollywood A-list. Instead of rallying around just a handful of notable, on-camera Latinos, we now have so many Latinos from all backgrounds to stan over.

What’s even better is when two of them are best friends. Yes, of course, we’re referring to the bromance between Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal. The actors, friends, and zaddies (one actually, the other in spirit) are, in addition to being longtime coworkers, thick as thieves.

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For a peek into their adorable friendship, look no further than their Wired Autocomplete Interview. The two teamed up to answer questions about themselves while promoting their 2019 film, “Triple Frontier.”

However, long before this, the two were just struggling actors looking to make it in New York City. In addition to being Latino, both of them are first-generation Americans who come from immigrant families. Pascal’s family is from Chile while Isaac’s is from Guatemala.

Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac meet in 2005

While the two were still starting out, they ended up meeting when they worked together on an off-Broadway play in 2005 called “The Beauty of the Father.”

In a separate January 2023 interview with Wired, Pascal revealed more about the origins of their friendship. While working on the play, he and Isaac “were getting $500 a week, before taxes.”

However, the memories of that time stuck with him. “He played a ghost, which meant that the living characters in the story could not see him,” Pascal explained.

“I had to do my scenes, and he would physically be there, but because my character couldn’t see him, he could fuck with me, all in front of live audiences, as much as he wanted, trying to get me to crack up or forget my lines. The memory is simultaneously dark and wonderful,” he said.

Now that they’re both famous, they publicly tease each other… relentlessly

Although there’s nothing but love between them, they never shy away from making everything into a joke. For instance, Isaac described his relationship with Pascal in a 2022 interview with Esquire. There, he said, “He’s obsessed with me. I try to get away from him, he finds me. Even when I change my number . . . it’s like a disease.”

Speaking of teasing, Isaac and Pascal have an ongoing feud about who would win in a fight, Isaac’s Moon Knight or Pascal’s Mandalorian. And the beef won’t be ending anytime soon.

But, again, it really is all love. In fact, Isaac is part of the reason why Pascal plays Mandalorian in the first place. After starring in the most recent trilogy of “Star Wars” films, Isaac recommended Pascal for the part, which he ultimately secured before the show debuted in 2019.

Pascal and Isaac reunite for 2019’s “Triple Frontier”

Although they never stopped being friends after meeting in 2005, the two never really had an opportunity to work together on-screen until 2019. They both co-starred alongside Ben Affleck in “Triple Frontier,” a Netflix original about a group of special forces agents trying to take down a drug lord.

Working together at a much different stage of their respective careers made for some pretty great Instagram posts, to be sure.

In honor of their ongoing friendship, here are some of our favorite Pedro Pascal/Oscar Isaac moments. First off, there’s this irresistible snapshot of a couple of daddies out on the town.

A COVID-era New Year’s party where everyone is just excited to get the hell out of 2020.

The boys max and relax on a Hawaiian vacation.

Here they are at the “Rise of Skywalker” premiere.

And finally, Pascal and Isaac are chilling at the premiere of “Annihilation.”