Taylor Swift is a global pop sensation who commands a massive fan following worldwide. In Brazil, her devoted fanbase, aka Swifties, recently made a unique request to the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes. Something we didn’t see coming in our wildest dreams? He’s actually making it happen.

Taking to his social media account on Sunday, Paes responded to a fan account’s request, proposing to honor the American star by adorning the iconic Junior Jewels shirt from her “You Belong With Me” music video on the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

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“Dear ones @taylorswift13 fans. I’m going to ask dear Priest Omar to see if we can get this honor,” he wrote on X. “He’s the guy who runs the projections at @Christ the Redeemer! In the meantime, his Instagram is @padreomaroficial.”

In another post, the mayor clarified to Taylor Swift’s fans that he must follow a protocol for such requests

Following the significant impact of his statement on social media, the mayor candidly addressed the situation in a subsequent post, explaining that he doesn’t have the final say in the matter. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind swifties that City Hall has no power over the police,” he shared.

Adding, “The Municipal Guard and our teams will have a special scheme to take care of public order throughout the surrounding area, but demanding policing from the mayor is like going to Taylor’s show and asking for ‘Single Ladies.'”

However, the request is already on the horizon. The priest posted a message on his Instagram stories: “@taylorswift fans, we received your comments with great joy and await contact from the singer’s advisors.”

All this unfolds just days before Swift’s performances in the country, with three concerts in Rio De Janeiro at Estádio Nilton Santos from November 17 to November 19.

However, Brazil is not the first to idolize Swift, Argentine fans also got creative

While blending Christianity with idols may be controversial, fans are unafraid to elevate their Swift- devotion, especially with the singer touring over 25 cities in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

In Argentina, Swifties created Christ Bleeding Heart stickers featuring Taylor Swift’s face. According to The New York Times, Maria Claude Arzapalo and her friends said they have even produced cards portraying Swift as Jesus.

Swift sold 200,000 tickets for three sold-out shows, with a waiting list exceeding 2.8 million people.

Securing tickets months in advance, fans promptly pitched tents outside River Plate Stadium. Taking turns each night, they ensured a prime spot in line for the concert day, informed The Washington Post.

The fans’ request in Brazil has sparked an interesting debate on social media

While some support the idea as a celebration of pop culture’s joy and beauty, others find it disrespectful to use a religious and cultural symbol atop the Corcovado mountain to honor the American songwriter.

Some users on social media pointed out that they have dressed the statue with football team shirts in the past.

“Not a Brazilian, but I can vividly remember 13 July 2014, when Germany, my home country, won the FIFA World Cup at the Maracaña in Rio de Janeiro in 2014,” said a user on Reddit

Also on X, some users debated whether this was sacrilegious or not?

“They project team shirts often, so not that big of a deal,” commented one person. Another one added: “¿Seems a bit sacrilegious? I love Taylor with all my heart, but I don’t know; It’s weird.”

Many fans give advice to the mayor to make it happen, while also vouching for those in need.

“Convince the priest, for God’s sake, we need to make it work. It’s our only plan. Tell her she’s a Christian if she’s going to help with something and she would be so happy for a tribute like that,” said another person.

On the priest’s Instagram profile, thousands of people are sending him messages supporting the cause.

“Father, put Taylor in there in Christ. She is a spectacle of a person who contributes positively to the good of everyone, spreading charisma wherever she goes. She is Christian too,” wrote a user.

“Please Father, can you design a tribute to Taylor on Christ? She arrives this week,” asks another person.