People from every corner of the world have turned out to support their respective teams at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, some of them are having trouble adjusting to Qatar’s cultural norms. But perhaps none more so than a Brazilian fan who ripped off his shirt at a recent game.

Qatar has asked fans at this year’s World Cup to take it down a notch…

Although it’s standard practice at most stadiums to get pretty wild, Qatar has asked fans to keep any extreme behavior to a minimum. They have relaxed some laws that many would consider discriminatory, like the country’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. Still, the host country is urging attendees to exercise good judgment.

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One fan from Brazil, however, seemed to forget where he was at a recent game. The man, identified as Clovis Carvalho, ripped off his shirt following Richarlison’s already-legendary bicycle kick goal during Brazil’s Thanksgiving bout against Serbia.

Let’s just watch the goal one more time…

This is one of those goals that will live on forever, long after everyone forgets who played who and which team won what. There will be a video loop of this goal in the FIFA Hall of Fame. Stories of this goal will be passed down through the generations. So, yeah, it makes sense why Carvalho ripped his shirt off.

Qatar disapproves… and so does Carvalho’s wife

Unfortunately, not everyone has been so forgiving of Carvalho’s cultural faux pas. The 34-year-old veterinarian was swiftly scolded by his wife, Fernanda Tonin, and tried to save face in an interview with Brazil’s G1 later that day.

“We have always been highly respected here, so we always do our best to respect their culture as well”, the 28-year-old architect told the outlet. “When I saw that he had taken his shirt off to celebrate the goal, I immediately asked him to put it back on. I don’t think he even realized what he had just done.”

The couple actually lives in Qatar after moving from Arealva, a city in São Paulo, Brazil. Tonin said the couple’s longstanding relationship with Qatar made her husband’s actions all the more embarrassing.

However, Carvalho isn’t that sorry about it…

Although he did display some amount of contrition, Carvalho is saying what we all know to be true: how could you not freak out at a goal like that? No matter what anybody says, there are moments in life where you cannot help but react with every fiber of your being. Seeing your country’s team score a goal like that is one of those moments.

Carvalho put it simply in his interview with G1, saying, “A goal like that was worthy of losing one’s mind.”

Even still, Carvalho ultimately did the right thing and fessed up to his wrongdoing. “Because it’s the World Cup, they [Qatar] take everything in stride, but I really sinned in having done that! It wasn’t a nice gesture.”

Sometimes, things that are harmless in one country are seen as unforgivable in another, and vice versa. We should all do our best to respect the cultural and religious standards of wherever it is we may visit or live. Because then, you can get heartwarming moments like this:

But, like… did you see that kick?