We get it.

Your favorite thing about Thanksgiving is getting together with la familia and sharing some yummy meals. Not to mention, having dinner twice.

But who said it has to be the same food every year?  

From pumpkin flan to turkey empanadas, this year we invite you to ditch the same ol’ same ol’ and surprise your guests with your very own Latinx Thanksgiving menu. That’s if you don’t already. Whatever the case may be, these not-for-purists suggestions are sure to provide lots of inspiration:


Colombian Papas Rellenas 

Now, this is a great alternative to the classic mashed potatoes.

Take those mashed potatoes, fill them with deliciousness, and, yes, fry them! The great thing about papas rellenas (and relleno-anything, really) is that you can make the filling with whatever you like.

Most papas rellenas recipes include ground beef, but you can make mouth-watering stuffed potatoes with veggies, cheese, or fish. The limit does not exist! Take this 57-second TikTok to get the main steps and then make this recipe your own. 


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Turkey Empanadas

If it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without the turkey for you, why not have it in empanadas?

This genius TikToker found a way of incorporating some of the most classic Thanksgiving dishes in just one empanada while also sharing the best tip to take advantage of those never-ending leftovers. Got some extra turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce? Make it an empanada! 


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Pumpkin Spice Tres Leches Pie

Let’s be honest, pumpkin pie is not a dessert one looks forward to for twelve months. Why not mix it with a true crowd-pleaser postre everyone loves: tres leches! You won’t have to worry about leftovers with this one. It’s just as one commenter on this TikTok said “pumpkin and tres leches? the best of both worlds.” They get it. 


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Mofongo Stuffing

If you’re going to mash anything, make it plantains! The delicious Puerto Rican classic dish made with fried or boiled mashed plantains makes for the perfect stuffing. There are just as many ways of cooking mofongo as there are abuelas, so find your favorite way and use it as a unique and 100 percent Latino stuffing to surprise everyone at your table this year.


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Ejotes con Queso

If you want to have something green on your menu, these Mexican green beans make the perfect side dish. Copy this TikToker’s idea and add some grated parmesan cheese on top. Grill it for a bit to give it an extra fancy touch, et voilà! It doesn’t get easier than that. 


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Pumpkin Flan

For all the flan lovers out there, making flan — even with a pumpkin twist — is easier than it seems when you’re only used to eating the one your abuela makes. If you don’t believe it, watch this TikToker explain the whole process in just one minute.


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Can we just start calling it Gracias-Giving already?