Things got majorly weird during the pandemic, but one of the more surprising stories to come out of 2021 is on Millena Brandão, a Brazilian mother who hosted a paternity reveal party after her baby’s father accused her of cheating and refused to help raise the young boy.

Brandão was happy to oblige his demands for a DNA test knowing full well it was his child.

Of course, the father’s public humiliation could have easily been avoided if he hadn’t pushed for the test. “I told him that I was absolutely sure that the child was his,” Brandão said in an interview with Kidspot. “His response to this was that he had doubts and that no one could make him register the boy without the DNA test result.”

Instead of trying to convince him of something he didn’t want to believe, Brandão opted to host a paternity reveal party after her friend suggested it as an opportunity to get back at him.

Not only did she host a party in honor of the momentous occasion, she went as far as posting the reveal on social media in an Instagram video that’s garnered more than 34,000 likes.

The couple reportedly got together in December 2019, according to an article on Upworthy, and lived together in Osasco, Brazil after moving from the municipality of Iati. When Brandão was 6 months pregnant, she ended up moving back to Iati after her ex refused to believe he was Otto’s father.

The paternity reveal party happened some months later, when Otto was about five months old. “When (the result) was ready, (the woman) said we could each get it, so I went there and got mine. I don’t know if the dad got his. I believe he found out he was the father through the party,” Brandão said.

The mother explained how the party worked, saying, “If the result is positive, it’s silver. If it’s negative, it’s blue.” In the video, she can be seen holding baby Otto with a silver balloon in her other hand. After she pops the balloon, silver confetti starts raining down on her, confirming that her ex was, in fact, the baby daddy.

She claims that, after the video was posted, Brandão’s ex got in touch with her to let her know she’d be hearing from his lawyer. Regardless, the results of the test made the paternity irrefutable, and many other mothers to children with deadbeat dads weighed in on Brandão’s no-nonsense approach.

“I wish I did this to my ex,” said one commenter. “He’s never paid a dime in child support for not 1, not 2 but 4 kids…yes 4 kids, 2 ex wives and he has a 3rd wife now, who he totally deserves because she is a Cee U Next Tuesday.”

“I think he had no doubts that he was the father of the child, he just didn’t want to be a real man to take on the son,” said another.

Some commenters even shared their experiences from the perspective of the child, like one who said, “Totally understand I have a dumbass father too. I didn’t believe I was his daughter because I was born white and he was black. When I was a kid, I went to his house one day and his wife said that I was not his daughter and I cried.”

However, everyone agrees that Brandão is an inspiration to all the women who deal with absentee fathers who refuse to take any accountability. “Your children are beautiful and you are wonderful,” one commenter said. “Congratulations on your strength and courage. You are an inspiration to other women.”