Regardless of what one may think about Taylor Swift, one cannot discount her ability to write a lyrically profound song. For many, Swift’s songs speak to a more profound sense of emotion that many don’t have the words to describe. 

Musicologist and “Switched On Pop” host Nate Sloan tells The Independent that she “has a capacity for writing songs and lyrics that are very immediate, that tap into universal emotions and experiences.” Due to Swift’s major appeal to fans of all ages, one Reddit user posed the question of whether there’s a Spanish-singing artist that had her same vibes.

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“My 8yo is super into Taylor. She is joining choir at school next year, and her school is a dual language campus. Is there a singer/band with Taylor vibes that sings in Spanish? Nina Cobham is the closest I can think of, and her songs are Spanglish,” @idolovebread asks on the platform in a Swift subreddit.

In true internet fashion, fellow Reddit users heeded the call to action. Several left comments under @idolovebread’s question. Here are some of the artists they believe match Swift’s lyrical and musical vibes.

Julieta Venegas

Venegas has released countless hits over the years. The American-born Mexican singer’s lyricism in songs like “Eres para mí,” “De mis pasos” and “Escalvos del Silencio” has permeated people’s hearts much like Swift’s songs.

Carla Morrison

Morrison is an indie-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist whose songs have helped her garner several awards nominations and three Latin Grammys. Also, bangers like “Eres Tú” and “Te Regalo” have been used countless times at weddings, proposals and special events.

Natalia Lafourcade

Lafourcade is a Mexican-born singer-songwriter whose music falls within the pop-rock, jazz and folk genres. The person who suggested the singer in the Reddit thread cited that Lafourcade’s tonality and style resemble Swift’s “‘Folklore’ vibes.”


The Mexican singer started her career as a child actor in the telenovela “Amigos x Siempre.” Her music influences new wave pop, pop rock and punk rock. One user noted that Belinda matches Swift’s “Lover” and “1989” era.


Like Belinda, the iconic band was said to mirror Swift’s “Lover” and “1989” era as much of their songs have pop-rock and dance-pop influences.


Another user suggested Shakira — specifically “her Ladrones-Fijación Oral eras.” Like Swift, the Colombian singer has always infused her music with profound lyrics that speak to the complex emotions people experience throughout their lives. She also shares Swift’s adept knack for reinventing her style as time progresses.

Jesse y Joy

Two Reddit users suggested the sibling duo. Their style of music infuses a variety of genres like pop rock, Latin pop and folk, something that has led them to collaborate with artists like Luis Fonsi, J Balvin and Pablo Alborán. One of the users compared their music to Swift’s “Evermore” era.

Raquel Sofía 

Someone else had mentioned the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter. Before striking out on her own, Sofía performed backup vocals for both Shakira and Juanes. This user cited that her “2:00 AM” album was the one that matched Swift’s vibes.

Laura Pausini

Another user suggested the Italian singer as she is “a lyricist with slower and heart-wrenching by songs.” While Pausini’s music is considered to fall under pop and Latin pop, she has cemented herself as a strong vocalist and lyricist with Spanish songs like “Vivime,” “En cambio no” and “Escucha a tu corazón.”