Latino dads have all kinds of pretty unique rituals in daily life, whether constantly saying proverbs like “No todo lo que brilla es oro” or the spine-chilling “Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres,” cutting up fruit for us when we were studying, going ham with the discussion time if we got home ONE minute after curfew, or their famous Sunday tradition of washing the car with old passed-down t-shirts.

Another tradition no one can forget? They love to watch their favorite soccer team play with absolute devotion. In truth, we remember our dads watching games with so much intensity, the activity could qualify as a sport in itself — cue the screams, special dances, and rolling around the floor. And you better believe we were watching games on the Spanish channels!

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While watching fútbol might seem chill enough, it’s actually not. At least for our dads. Latino dads have tons of soccer-watching rituals to make sure their team wins, and we’ve rounded up the most epic nine traditions. Keep reading to see if you find your dad’s rituals on the list.

1. They have sat in the same exact place on the couch every single game since before you can remember.

It’s all down to science: your dad sat on the couch’s left corner that one time his team won in 1998, so it’s obviously a good luck charm. Hence, it’s their lucky seat forever… and no muscle will be moved if their team is winning. Shhhh!

2. No interruptions — very important rule!

Another thing engraved in our minds from watching our dads watch soccer growing up? If we dared try to speak… or God forbid asked to change the channel — yelling would be involved. It is what it is!

3. Latino dads never miss their team’s soccer games, no matter where they are.

Whether your dad is at work, at a wedding, at their own wedding, a funeral, a baby shower, or maybe even at church, nothing stops true passion for fútbol. Chances are, a smartphone will be involved, and you can find him shouting “GOOOL” at one point.

4. Sometimes, things get heated.

Here’s a lesser-known secret: fútbol-loving dads think that the soccer players can hear them. They’ll never admit it, but why else do they constantly scream at players when they make weak passes?

5. Sometimes Latino dads bet money on a win, because having more skin in the game is part of the deal.

This is another strange ritual that sometimes works: betting money on a game somehow improves the chances of your team winning. Is this a scientific fact? No. But the possibility of losing money only makes Latino dads pray harder to la Virgencita, and that 100% helps.

6. Your dad will watch the game no matter what, even if he’s sleeping.

If you ask your dad, they’ll tell you they’ve never missed their team’s games, not even once. You might ask, “Not even once? How about those 157 times you were actually sleeping?” and they’ll deny it. But we know the truth. Still, even when they’re sleeping, they’re somehow still watching the game (and they might randomly wake up to shout “GOL!”).

7. Screaming “GOL” at the top of their lungs might just be the most important ritual.

Speaking of shouting “GOL,” it seems to be the ritual that unites all Latino soccer-loving dads, and still echoes in our minds when we think back to all the World Cups we watched in our childhood. If you don’t shout “gol,” did the goal even happen? Plus, legend says screaming it at the top of your lungs improves chances of a second goal — just sayin’.

8. Latino dads talk to the coach through telepathy.

Okay, so sometimes Latino dads love to scream at the players and say so many bad words directed at them it’s hard to believe they’re actually die-hard fans. Other times, though? They become full-on soccer coaches, speaking to the real coaches through telepathy in a way you have to see to believe.

9. And last but not least, soccer dads love wearing all their team’s memorabilia for good luck.

Who else has a dad that collects their fútbol team’s memorabilia and wears all of it at once when watching games? Whether donning a lucky jersey, socks, scarf, or hat, or even just enveloping themselves in their country’s flag, soccer-loving dads know the value of good luck charms. And we’re here for it!