We’re absolutely obsessed with how Sofia Vergara, 51, shut down Spanish interviewer Pablo Motos’ questionable comments on his show, “El Hormiguero.” Her appearance on the show last night may have been to promote her upcoming Netflix series “Griselda,” but it went far beyond that. In fact, it became a masterclass in how to fiercely stand your ground — with a big smile on your face, of course.

One clip that is going viral from last night‘s interview is when Vergara spoke to Motos, 58, about her “Modern Family” role. While describing her time on the show as character Gloria Pritchett, Motos interrupts and asks, “How do you say ‘Modern Family’?” seemingly in the hopes of poking fun at her accent.

Vergara, though? Completely unfazed. Without missing a beat, she replies, “I say it wrong? Oh, because you speak better English than me? Ah.” Need some ice for that burn, Motos?

Later, the “Griselda” actress continues to roast the interviewer a bit, because why not? “How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States?” Oof.

“How many times did they nominate you at the Golden Globes?” she also asks with a smile. Just as a fun little note, let us remember that Vergara has four Emmy nominations under her belt… and an incredible four Golden Globe nods, too. But, you know, who’s counting?

The interviewer asked Vergara interesting questions about her hair color and eyelashes — but she wasn’t having it

With several decades in show business, Vergara is an expert interviewee. Still, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dealt with unnerving interviews, usually by men who have sexualized her, and made inappropriate comments. One very-gross example? Her unfortunate 2003 interview with Howard Stern while promoting her movie “Chasing Papi.”

Social media users have resurfaced Vergara’s past interviews, with downright-creepiness from fellow celebrities like chef Gordon Ramsay. The actress, though? As a class act, she always knew how to shut inappropriate behavior down. But why did that inappropriateness occur in the first place?

This time around, Spanish interviewer Motos wasn’t creepy per se — but he still made some unnecessary comments. At another point in the interviewer, he stated, “I guess it’s a lie that you are a natural blonde.”

Vergara replied, “I’m blonde now. Or do you think I have black hair?” He later asks, “The hair you have now. Is it dyed or natural?” Why does this matter?

The actress says, “It’s mine. [In an old photo] I was 20 years old, now I’m 51 years old. What do you want?” She later asks Motos, who has gray hair, “You were born with your hair that color? Did you dye it?” This interview flipping is what dreams are made of:

At another point, Motos attests to having watched Vergara’s show “Griselda” in its entirety. Vergara isn’t too convinced — and what ensues is absolutely hilarious. The interviewer professes, “You sell the entire series in the first phrase in the first five seconds.”

“The series is based on a true story, and we get this phrase at the beginning: ‘Pablo Escobar: The only man I have been scared of is a woman… Griselda Marcos.'” One problem? The drug queenpin’s name was Griselda Blanco.

Vergara replies: “She really wasn’t named Griselda Marcos, she was named Griselda Blanco.”

“But because you saw the entire series…” the actress joked. “I knew I was going to catch you.” Yes, we’re laughing through the awkwardness, too.

Another funny quip? Vergara asks what Motos “eats while he’s clowning around” on the show. Dominating the interview, she tells him, “Dale,” signaling him to keep going. In the words of 2013 movie “Captain Phillips,” we’re in “I am the captain now” territory.

As another X user posted, Vergara was “spectacular” throughout this interview. Hard agree. Yet another clip shows just how fantastic she was — as you can see, she even shut down Motos’ critique of her “repetitive” answers. She replied, “Ask more precise questions if you don’t want me to answer generically.” LOL.

Later, he even asks about the actress’s false eyelashes: “Why do you have that practice of putting more hair on your eyes?”

After she replies that it “looks pretty,” she asks directly, “Oh, you don’t like this either?” Burn.

Possibly even more direct? Vergara’s reply to Motos saying, “People feel reflected in you 100%, it calls my attention how unanimous it is.” Truly, though… what kind of comment is that?

Vergara asks, “What calls your attention? Do you not like me?” She later says, “It sounds a bit like you’re jealous.” LOL.

It’s safe to say that after Shakira‘s Bizarrap session calling out ex-partner Gerard Piqué, and this Sofia Vergara interview at “El Hormiguero”— Colombia is winning: