TikTok has recently resurfaced some interesting Sofia Vergara interview clips featuring featuring a compilation of weird, uncomfortable moments with male celebrities Gordon Ramsay, Bill Cosby and Howard Stern.

It might seem like she’s having fun, but Vergara isn’t letting these guys get off scot-free.

However, they’re not the only ones. Looking back at old interviews, it’s clear Vergara started dealing with this from the very beginning of her career… but she also dealt with it in the most Sofia Vergara way possible, and that is: like a boss.

Vergara puts Gordon Ramsay in his place during an interview…

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay made things weird on Jay Leno from pretty much the moment Vergara sat down next to him. The interview starts with Leno commenting Vergara screaming when she walked to Leno’s desk. She says she never screams like that…at which point Ramsay says, “Only in the bedroom.”

While he touches her with his hand and leans in close. Vergara is practically hiding on the other side of her chair and just ignores Ramsay’s comments while the audience reacts. She tries her best to keep the interview on track, but keeps an eye on Ramsay.

Later on, while talking about a piece of pizza she ate on vacation, Ramsay takes the opportunity to make a joke about putting the whole slice in her mouth instead of using a knife and fork. Again, Vergara looks annoyed, as can be.

It all comes to a bit of a breaking point when Ramsay and Vergara get into a playful debate about Colombian vs. English chocolates. At this point, Ramsay takes the back of his hand and lightly slaps the side of Vergara’s butt.

She immediately hits him back and yells, “No touching!” The whole thing seems like a goof but there was tension in the air since the very beginning of the video.

He does the slap again a few moments later and even sits in Vergara’s chair with her when she complains that “it’s [her] interview” after he continuously interrupts her.

Chris Rock does something similar during a Conan interview from 2003

Similarly to how Ramsay was sitting behind Vergara after his own interview, Chris Rock played a similar role during a 2003 episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” where Vergara was promoting her movie, “Chasing Papi.” Immediately after coming out to talk about the film, Chris rock touches her arm, leans over, and makes a joke.

After a few disparaging jokes about her, Rock makes another vaguely inappropriate comment while Vergara is describing her gig as the host of Univision’s “A que no te atreves,” a reality show featuring normal people doing crazy things.

She mentions the fact that one of the contestants skydived in the nude. Rock asks her when she did this, with her responding, “No, I’m the host.” She moves on to a joke about “the little blur” to cover up the nudity for television. Rock says, “I’m sure as soon as he saw you it wasn’t so little.” Vergara says, “I wasn’t there.”

Again, Vergara doesn’t say much to Rock directly, even as he insults her with corny jokes that don’t land. But, similar to the Leno interview, Vergara looks tired of having to keep grown men at arm’s length.

Howard Stern gets creepy as hell during the “Chasing Papi” press tour

On the same 2003 press tour to promote “Chasing Papi,” Vergara appeared on Howard Stern’s popular radio show to talk about her career and her new movie. The problem with that was simple: Stern only wanted to talk about how hot she is. Before she even gets to the studio, Stern refers to her as “Walking Viagra.”

He also interrogates her reputation as a “ten,” citing her “big hips or big ass or something” before someone else mentions they previously “glanced” at her butt. Things only get worse once Vergara is actually in Stern’s studio.

Seeing it in this context, it’s clear that Vergara is walking into a minefield. Immediately, Stern starts complimenting her in Spanish in just the creepiest voice you could imagine. In fact, we could write a whole other article about the hundred different creepy things Stern says during this 20-minute interview.

They mention her needing to take off her coat, the camera leers at her body, slowly panning up to her face. It’s all just really disgusting. But wait…it gets worse.

Vergara reaches her breaking point when Stern mentions that, when she had her first child at 19, she must have had “so much milk.”

We feel gross even having to write this down, but that’s what he said. Still laughing through the pain, Vergara says, “No respect here!” as Stern repeats himself over and over. He then says, “I’m respecting you all over the place.”

Then, Stern asks Vergara to feed him. When she says she’s not pregnant now, he says, “That can be arranged.”

The only nice thing we have to say about him at this point is that, in 2015, he was much nicer. During the press tour for “Hot Pursuit,” Stern treated Vergara like an actual human being and the interview was, surprisingly, pretty good.

Vergara also had an awkward moment on Ellen’s show in 2015

This interview isn’t nearly as off-putting as Stern’s, but it’s still worth mentioning. During the same press tour for 2015’s “Hot Pursuit” alongside Reese Witherspoon, Vergara appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ (formerly) wildly popular talk show.

Since staffers leveled accusations of sexual misconduct and abusive behavior against DeGeneres in 2020, some fans are going back to previous interviews for further confirmation. There are other instances of Ellen crossing boundaries with guests, like the time she forced Mariah Carey to reveal she was pregnant, but this one is just mean.

Vergara claims the two were just having fun, but there’s something not quite right about the way Ellen says that the actor’s accent has actually gotten worse over the years. “Your English is getting better,” she says. However, Vergara claps back immediately and points to Reese Witherspoon before saying, “Her English?”

After years of jokes about her looks and her accent, Vergara is like the fastest gun in the West, always ready with a comeback no matter who fires the shots.

She tells Conan O’Brien “don’t be creepy”

Okay, we’re kind of cheating again because Conan O’Brien didn’t really do anything wrong. The whole awkward, boyish thing is part of his schtick. In fact, he’s one of the more respectful late night show hosts in history. Everybody loves Conan for a reason.

So, when Vergara returned to the show in 2015 for the same “Hot Pursuit” press tour, she used it as an opportunity to slyly mention other, much more uncomfortable interviews. She asks O’Brien if he missed her, to which he says, “I missed you so much” before saying in an exaggerated voice, “I looooove you!”

He’s obviously kidding but Vergara’s response is just perfect: “Don’t be creepy,” she says casually. It’s a great moment that serves as a much-needed reminder that things can be fun when Vergara is in on the joke. Otherwise, it’s weird, it’s unnecessary, and we are not here for it.

Bill Cosby does everything in his power to make Vergara feel awkward

Okay, this one is a bit uncomfortable. We all know now what Bill Cosby did to dozens of women, so it’s no surprise he acted like a total creep while talking to Sofia Vergara. Cosby was acting as a guest host on David Letterman’s popular talk show. But instead of just interviewing her, he decided to sit right next to her. And get in her face.

It’s a deeply uncomfortable interview. Once again, Vergara is not enjoying a single minute of it but bares it through grit teeth. Knowing now what we know about Bill Cosby, there’s something sinister about him acting like this on national television without a care in the world.

However, Vergara responded to claims that she was one of Cosby’s victims. In a tweet, she wrote, “Respect people. Stop making up nonsense.” Respect seems to be a big part of what Vergara wants, especially because so many refuse to give it to her.

Finally, someone being normal! Let’s all watch George Lopez be respectful

Don’t worry, some people know how to act right. One of those people is none other than Mexican comedian George Lopez. When he invited Vergara to appear on his former late night show, “Lopez Tonight,” he literally just talked to her. Like a person. It was great!

Instead of constantly touching her or talking about her looks, Lopez just had a conversation with her and it was really entertaining! Hosts and guests don’t need to act like weirdos to make an interview fun.

Commenters rushed to defend Vergara’s honor

Nobody is happy with any of the celebrities who treated Vergara like a piece of meat. In fact, most of them were downright pissed about it. And rightfully so!

Everyone, unfortunately, expects a certain amount of creepiness from male celebrities talking to beautiful women. It’s somehow become a normalized part of celebrity culture. But seeing all these videos in a row, it’s clear how much Vergara has had to endure just to be taken seriously as an actress.

On TikTok, the comments were pretty similar. One commenter agreed about Ramsay, thinking he was a good guy. “Poor Sofia she deserves better… I’m surprised by Gordon Ramsay I legit thought he had respect…,” they wrote.

Another commenter added, “Howard Stern is something else. I can’t believe they let him be a judge on AGT [America’s Got Talent] for so long what.” Elsewhere, another wrote, “The fact she wore a full coverage t shirt to howard stern and he still made it the target.”

Other commenters noted how she had to play along with everything. Despite the fact that she looks miserable in all of these interviews, she has to smile and play along. Thanks, Hollywood! “It’s so sad the way she just has to go with it,” one commenter wrote.

“And she still smiles because her career is on the line…,” wrote another. Someone else echoed the sentiment that Vergara has to play along. If she doesn’t, her career could end right then and there. “The fact she has to laugh it off because she cant ruin her reputation,” they wrote.