SNL’s new cast member Marcello Hernandez is a 25-year-old comedian who refers to himself as a “little Cuban Dominican boy from Miami,” and his latest sketch for the NBC show is already making waves.

Hernandez sat down for SNL’s iconic “Weekend Update” alongside Colin Jost to talk about baseball, with absolute wild results. On the soon-to-be iconic skit Hernandez started off with, “My mom is from Cuba, and my dad is from the Dominican Republic, so obviously they’re divorced, but it also means I love baseball.”  

The Latino comedian delivered hilarious quips like, “Who would you rather watch baseball? Tanner from Kentucky? Or a guy that they call ‘Papi’ and no one knows why? This guy got so good at his job everyone started calling him ‘Dad.’” LOL.

Hernandez continued to describe Latino baseball players’ “emotion” throughout the sketch, “When a Dominican guy hits a homerun, he throws the bat to a different dimension… the American announcer who’s been speaking English the whole game gets an accent all of a sudden.” The comedian even got out of his chair to act out the way a Latino baseball player bats, simulating all the prayers and even hip motions involved. “The crowd is pregnant by the time he’s done batting.” LOL.

Viewers ate up Hernandez’s sketch, with one Twitter user writing, “Dude has old school 1970s SNL energy and presence and I’m here for it,” with another adding, “Legendary debut 👏👏👏.” We couldn’t agree more!

The best Twitter reply, though? A comment by none other than Hernandez’s former high school teacher, who gave us all insight into who the comedian was before primetime fame. “I can tell you, with certainty, what gave [Hernandez] his comedic chops was watching classic comedies on his iPad in class instead of paying attention. Well done, Marcello.” We guess not paying attention in class pays off sometimes!

While the entire world is now finding out much more about Hernandez due to his new SNL gig, some might not know the comedian has been a rising star for several years.

As per his Instagram, the Miami jokester has been posting hilarious videos on both his IG and TikTok pages for quite some time, including this roll-on-the-floor-laughing clip about the difference between coffee and tea drinkers. We also can’t stop cracking up at his “phone calls are pressure” video.

Apart from his homemade comedy videos, Hernandez also worked as a host for the iconic Miami Instagram account Only in Dade. Known as “Citizens Journalism” based out of the 305, the site hired the comedian to interview several celebrities including Floyd Mayweather, Nicky Jam, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

As Miami Comedy Shows’ interview of Hernandez shows, the comedian also did stand-up, and no doubt had to hustle to get to where he is today. When asked about what being a comedian in Miami is like, he replied: “[It’s] like being a soccer player in America. They don’t care as much as in Europe, but you know, you’re a soccer player. So play soccer.”