If you never miss a good comedy special, there are quite a few Latino comedians that are making waves right now. As our abuelitas always said, laughing cures the soul (or was that food?!), and we definitely think we need some humor in our lives right about now.

Whether dealing with a bit of stress and anxiety over current events, or simply in the mood to laugh until you cry telenovela-style, there are countless Latino comedians that will make you crack up until your belly hurts. Many of these comedians got their start on Instagram, while others are talented multi-hyphenates that count screenwriting, acting or even making magic in their resumes.

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Without further ado, here are the nine funniest Latino comedians you need to check out faster than your mami whips up an off-the-cuff arroz con pollo.

1. LeJuan James

LeJuan James is a half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican comedian that rose to fame on social media for his epic sketches imitating immigrant Latino parents — and perfectly capturing the reality of what it means to be Latinx. Exhibit A? This “Hispanic parents at the beach” sketch.

2. Gina Brillon 

Meanwhile, Gina Brillon skyrocketed after appearing on “America’s Got Talent,” among many other shows, and now has a comedy special on Amazon Prime titled “Gina Brillon: The Floor Is Lava.” Born and raised in the Bronx and of Puerto Rican descent, her comedy is already iconic.

3. Arturo Castro 

We love a comedian that likes to push the envelope, and there’s no doubt that Guatemalan Arturo Castro does just that. The 36-year-old’s sketch show “Alternatino” aired on Comedy Central, and is all about the Latinx millennial experience. Come for the thought-provoking “Welcome to America” sketch, and stay for the “When You’re Latinx But You Can’t Dance” (yup, relatable).

4. Felipe Esparza

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We’re obsessed with Sinaloa-born comedian Felipe Esparza, and chances are, you might already be too. The powerhouse comedian is absolutely hilarious, whether hosting his roll-on-the-floor podcast “What’s Up Fool?” or poking fun at serious topics like immigration in stand-up specials like “Bad Decisions” on Netflix.

5. Danielle Perez 

Few comedians make us laugh as hard as L.A. native Danielle Perez, who uses adversity she faced in her life to propel her hilarious quips and sometimes-dark humor. After being hit by a streetcar at 20 years old and having her legs amputated, she “fell in love” with comedy. Today, she performs all over the world, and is an accessibility advocate.

6. Cristela Alonzo

If you ever watched the 2014 ABC sitcom “Cristela” (RIP), you know just how good Cristela Alonzo is. The Hidalgo, Texas-born, Mexican American star also counts acting, writing and producing as part of her many talents, and is an overall fierce Latina that’s always hilarious. There’s a reason “Cristela” fans jumped for joy at her new Netflix special “Middle Classy”!

7. Agustín Aristarán

If you love multi-hyphenate artists and are into slightly quirky comedy, then Argentine Agustín Aristarán or “Rada” is definitely for you. As shown in his Netflix stand-up special “Agustín Aristarán: Soy Rada,” the Bahía Blanca-born comedian blends the funny with magic tricks and music to create something entirely his own.

8. X Mayo

We’re obsessed with X Mayo, a writer, actress and comedian that is proudly half-Mexican and half-Black. The über-talented, self-described “taco expert” is a South Central/Inglewood-native that retells her story landing in New York with just $80 and one suitcase. A writer for “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,” she created an NYC sketch comedy show called “Who Made The Potato Salad?” which is all about “building community” and “creating opportunities” for people of color.

9. Julio Torres

Last but certainly not least, quirky Salvadoran comedian Julio Torres is everything the comedy world needs right now. His sketch “My Favorite Shapes” is not exactly for faint of heart, and it’s definitely anything but square. His comedy might be “niche,” but is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. A writer for “SNL” and co-creator of “Los Espookys,” Torres describes himself as a “comedian, prince and telepath.”