Shakira is setting off major fan reactions after traveling to Barcelona last week to attend the Spanish Grand Prix.

Is all the hubbub about her newfound love for Formula 1 races? Not exactly — even though she was seen at the one in Miami last month.

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Right now, fans are focused on Shakira’s possible romance with British racing driver Lewis Hamilton… and the rumor is becoming more real by the second.

As Shakira posted on Twitter, it was “nice to be back in Barcelona” for Formula 1’s Grand Prix (cue the “muahaha”). Of course, social media immediately jumped on that comment, particularly because Barcelona is where her ex Gerard Piqué is from.

It’s also the city she left behind when she moved to Miami with her kids this year “in search of their happiness.” Fast-forward to last weekend and Shaki was back in Barcelona — but this time, she was allegedly cheering on rumored flame Hamilton at his race.

Everything to know about Shakira’s epic return to Barcelona for the Formula 1 Grand Prix

As reported by Marca, Shakira and her children Milan and Sasha landed in Barcelona last Wednesday. By Sunday, the singer hit the city’s Grand Prix race, where she reportedly saw Lewis Hamilton race to the finish line.

Meanwhile, sources on Twitter insist Shaki saw the race from a Mercedes Benz box — the brand Hamilton is under contract with. You can see her arriving here:

As one fan on Twitter wrote, “In Barcelona, her ex’s city…We pray to Shakira.” Yup, we’re all bowing down.

There are also videos of Shakira watching Hamilton’s race, and of course, fans have thoughts about them. One Twitter user said Shakira “sighed [romantically] with her eyes” while watching the F1 driver — and they’re kind of right:

That smile! That shy laugh! It’s no wonder fans that know Shakira all too well are calling this out as a new couple alert. As another Twitter user put it, Grand Prix broadcasters also knew what they were doing when they edited in Hamilton driving right after that Shakira clip:

And there’s one more thing making this Shakira-Hamilton rumor continue to swirl. Fans are going crazy over Hamilton declaring, “I need to find myself a Latina” at a Grand Prix event last week. Una barranquillerra, perhaps? Watch the moment here:

And while you might think this is all just a cog in the incessant rumor mill, the romance rumor isn’t too far-fetched. Last month, Shakira did attend Miami’s Grand Prix where Hamilton raced, and the two were later spotted having dinner at Miami restaurant Cipriani.

Days later, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer was seen on Hamilton’s yacht cruising through Miami Beach. Hm.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton were also spotted having dinner after the race

But wait — there’s more. After Shakira was seen at the Spanish Grand Prix, the star reportedly went out to dinner with Hamilton and a few other friends.

The pair ate at Barcelona restaurant Parco in Paseo de Gracia, accompanied by pals like model Fai Khadra and singer Daniel Caesar. Now, Shakira fans are sharing the viral dinner photo “for good luck to live your best life” just like she is:

One detail many social media users just can’t ignore? The fact that Lewis Hamilton is grabbing Shakira by the waist. Are they or aren’t they?!

Interestingly enough, Shakira was allegedly later spotted at Barcelona club Carpe Diem. As per El Periodico, the singer arrived with Hamilton after midnight. Onlookers also published videos like these of the moment on social media:

As many fans are putting it, Shakira’s return to Barcelona is a total “queen” moment. We “see her, observe her, analyze her, and respect her”:

And yes, if the rumors are true, you can bet Shakira just “traded in a Twingo for a Mercedes.” Oof.