Shakira, 46, was just spotted at yet another Formula One race, and fans have many thoughts. Yes, the “Monotonía” singer’s appearance at Sunday’s British Grand Prix is fueling the chisme that she may be romantically-linked to racing driver Lewis Hamilton, 38, after all. Even more? Fans are convinced our favorite Barranquillera is Hamilton’s amuleto de la suerte.

This isn’t Shakira’s first rodeo — ahem, Grand Prix. She has actually attended three Formula One races this year, making pitstops in Miami’s Grand Prix in May, as well as the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona last month.

The Colombian star’s appearance at Miami’s race was 10/10 chaos, with few linking her to Hamilton. In fact, the next day’s boiling-hot tea focused on her possible relationship with Tom Cruise (Shakira was reportedly not into it).

However, everything changed once the singer was spotted at Miami restaurant Cipriani with Hamilton after the race. Days later, she was a guest on the racing driver’s yacht. Hm.

Similarly, Shakira’s Barcelona F1 appearance was just as spicy, especially with reports that Shakira was Hamilton’s special guest at the Mercedes Benz box.

For now, Shakira is giving us a big ol’ “Copa Vacía” of tea — A.K.A., she’s still giving us nothing. While the singer is keeping mum about her possible relationship with Hamilton, her recent appearance at the British Grand Prix is sending fans into a frenzy.

Shakira was spotted at the British Grand Prix, prompting fans to call her Hamilton’s “lucky charm”

So, even for non Formula One fans, it’s clear to see Hamilton is having a great run as of late. In fact, he won sixth place at Miami’s Grand Prix and an incredible second place in Barcelona’s race. Coincidence that Shakira was there cheering him on from the sidelines? Hm, we think not.

Once Shakira landed in London last Friday, fans began sounding the alarms. Just in time for the British Grand Prix taking place at Silverstone? Interesting.

As one user replied to the news, “We got Shakira, Lewis is winning on Sunday.” Not to dust-up old chisme, but Gerard Piqué did win the 2010 FIFA World Cup final with the rest of Spain’s team after meeting Shakira. Is this all a “Deja Vu”?

By the time the Silverstone race began on Sunday, Shakira was spotted in the Mercedes Benz section cheering on Hamilton. Watch the moment here:

By that point, Hamilton was going at lightning speed. You could even call him our very own Lightning McQueen:

Was the British racing driver trying his hardest to impress our queen Shakira? Honestly, if he was, we get it:

As one Twitter user put it, “No wonder Lewis is driving like this. His girl Shakira is there.”

And now, a real life depiction of Hamilton at the British Grand Prix this weekend:

As yet another fan theorized, Shakira seems to be Hamilton’s source of “good luck.” In fact, the racing driver gave yet another stellar performance, finishing the race third. We support the sorcery!

Grand Prix viewers say an announcer called Shakira and Hamilton “friends”

Fans watching the British Grand Prix at home caught-on to an announcer calling Shakira Hamilton’s “friend.”

As per one Twitter user, the exact quote was, “Shakira is here, cheering on her ‘friend’ Lewis Hamilton.”

“Friend,” you say? Well, this dog is all of us right now:

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton, otherwise known as “besties”:

While Shakira and Hamilton are still keeping quiet about the possible romance for now, fans continue to call the singer his “lucky charm.” Others are pointing out his last two performances in Barcelona and Silverstone, writing, “Thanks for your service queen”:

In fact, even more fans say Shakira is “doing the Lord’s work” cheering on Hamilton— maybe sprinkled with a bit of brujería?

Us? All we know is that Shakira and Hamilton would make a very cute couple if they are actually together:

Still, is Shakira likely to admit anything between them anytime soon? Let’s allow her Paris Fashion Week outfit to answer that one: