Shakira, 46, just sent an open letter to the press asking them to respect the privacy of her children Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8.

The Colombian singer published the letter on Instagram and Twitter, detailing how her sons suffered “incessant harassment and persecution” in the last year. As you probably know (Bizarrap session, anyone?), that had a lot to do with her separation from Gerard Piqué. Still, now that the “Si Te Vas” star officially left Barcelona for Miami, the letter ensures their “new life” is as “safe and tranquil” as possible. Considering how she was hounded by Spanish press since news of her separation broke in June 2022, this makes sense. Especially after what she referred to as a “very difficult year” for her entire family.

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This is what Shakira had to say to the press after her recent Miami move

Shakira posted the letter in both Spanish and English, making sure both sides read her message loud and clear. She started off by admitting the “curiosity” in her family life right now is understandable. By this, she no doubt pointed to her separation from Piqué after 11 years, and how he reportedly cheated on her with his 23-year-old girlfriend Clara Chía Martí. This “period of change” has still been “difficult” for her and her children, though — something only exacerbated by the media.

The singer said her children were pursued “without relief by the paparazzi” in Barcelona. However, she hopes that her “new life” in Miami with them will be a welcome change. She asked the media to “please respect” Milan and Sasha’s privacy, and even detailed exactly how to make that happen.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” star “begged” paparazzi not to follow her children “to the entrance and exit of their school, wait for them at the door of [their] home, or follow them to their extracurricular” activities. As she put it, the media actually did these things in Barcelona, which is… insane. Shakira said all of this was simply for “capturing photos and boosting ratings” at the expense of her family.

The star asked the press to remember this is about “two minors” who want to feel “safe and tranquil”

As Shakira reminded the press in her letter, she just wants to protect her children: “two minors just 8 and 10 years of age” who just want to have a normal childhood. She said she “trusts” the media will be “sensitive to the situation” and act in a “humane” way going forward. She also asked the press to consider Milan and Sasha’s “physical and emotional” health.

The singer shared how her children just want “to be able to go out in public and attend school feeling safe and tranquil.”

By the end of her letter, Shakira wrote that her kids simply would like to know they aren’t being followed. Moreover, they want to live free from the intense “scrutiny” of cameras. The self-professed “lion mom” explained she made these requests as a mother, rather than just as an artist. As she put it, she just wants to “protect and care for the psychological well-being” of the two people she loves the most.

As she wrote, she simply wants her kids to live a “happy and healthy life,” as all children “deserve.”

Of course, this letter comes right at the start of their “new life” in Miami, away from the Barcelona media circus that surrounded them after the separation. Moving back to her Miami Beach home, the star recently said she wishes to give her kids “more stability” and be closer to her loved ones.

As Shakira sees it, this is a “new chapter” for their family in a very “different corner” of the world.