Ben Affleck looking depressed on camera is one of the internet’s favorite running gags. Whether it’s “Sad Batman” or the seemingly endless pictures of the actor smoking a much-needed cigarette outside of his house, Sadfleck is the gift that keeps on giving.

That’s why social media is treating last night’s Grammys as a treasure trove of content.

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Surprisingly, there were a lot of notable moments at this year’s ceremony. For example, celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary was a landmark achievement for Black artists. Additionally, Bad Bunny won Latin Album of the Year for “Un Verano Sin Tí.” Lastly, Sam Smith’s collaboration with Kim Petras on “Unholy” was a landmark achievement for trans artists.

The darkness returns

However, Ben Affleck’s dead-eyed stare made the most headlines. And for good reason. This is peak #IntrovertRepresentation.

He clearly did not want to be there. And the tension between the newlyweds was undeniably palpable, rivaled only by Jada Pinkett Smith’s knowing glance at Will Smith that led to the slap heard ’round the world.

Twitter is having an absolute field day with Affleck’s reaction shots, including one particularly telling moment where he looks visibly annoyed by J-Lo after whispering something into her ear. We wanted to break down our favorite Sadfleck memes simply because there are so many good ones.

Sadfleck bops along sadly to the night’s performances

No one on the planet could look more miserable sitting front row at one of the year’s biggest award shows, but Sadfleck managed to pull it off. In one particularly popular clip, Affleck stands next to J-Lo — having the time of her life — while he listlessly nods his head along to the music.

Ben Affleck does have big Sober Guy energy and his demeanor at the Grammys only reinforced that.

Most people would kill to be at the Grammys instead of at home in their pajamas. Trust us, Affleck is jealous of you.

Like we said, introvert representation is important. Ben Affleck is doing the lord’s work.

Americans are starting to get fed up with the Grammys these days and Ben Affleck’s face captures that frustration.

Beep boop. I am Ben Affleck. I need human food. I mean, a Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich from Dunkin’ beep boop.

Say what you want about Ben Affleck, but he’s an equal-opportunity buzzkill.

With a few exceptions, this year’s Grammys were kind of a slog. Ben Affleck’s attitude begs the question: what happens if you actually have to be there with cameras in your face for five hours?

J-Lo is everyone’s mom when we ask to leave the party

In perhaps the most meme’d clip of the night, the camera shows Affleck whispering something into J-Lo’s ear while Trevor Noah talks next to them. Not amused in the slightest, J-Lo brushes him off, Affleck clearly looks annoyed, hilarity ensues.

Sadfleck might be a bit worried that J-Lo’s ex will make an appearance. Spoiler alert: he didn’t.

Ben Affleck knows we know he doesn’t want to be there. Why try and hide it?

2003’s “Gigli” is one of the all-time most amazing bad movies. He’d probably rather watch it 100 times on repeat with his eyes taped open “A Clockwork Orange” style than sit through one more minute of the Grammys.

Does Ben Affleck speak more Spanish than J-Lo? We’d be willing to put some money on it…

Bonus Round

So, some of the memes did not follow suit with the night’s two most popular clips. But we can’t leave them out. To wrap things up, we’re looking at some of the best one-off memes of the night. We’re also curious to see a possible role reversal at this year’s Oscars, where Affleck will be in his element and J-Lo will not.

Is it just us or does Ben Affleck have big Nervous Puppy Energy?

Or, for that matter, Annoyed Cat Energy?

Sadfleck copes with the Grammys by thinking about the best Honey Bunny he’s ever eaten…

Much like Nicole Kidman after she divorced Tom Cruise, Affleck is going to go full-on Andy Dufresne when he gets out of there.

There’s nothing better than watching celebrities stare and smile awkwardly into a camera when they just want to be left alone. It’s the little things in life…

Someone found a way to incorporate another legendary set of Affleck memes: the “I know I was supposed to quit but today has been really stressful” series.

Any husband who’s been dragged to an office party knows exactly what this face means.

Affleck may not know who anyone onstage is, but he sure would like to hear his favorite band play “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” right about now.

If the internet could ever watch Ben Affleck looking sad in the shower, this is most definitely what it would look like.

Bob Dylan + Ben Affleck = people who never want to be where they are.

Props to the producers of the Grammys for their relentless pursuit of the perfect Sadfleck reaction shot.

Like we said before, Affleck is jealous of you.

A throwback to yet another award show moment featuring a very displeased Jennifer Lopez.