Bad Bunny isn’t going to be renting Airbnbs in LA anymore, that’s for sure. The rapper recently bought an $8.8 million, eight-bedroom mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Although he still lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico full-time in a rented mansion with his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, Benito is wasting no time expanding his roster of properties.

A rented mansion in Puerto Rico

Before he bought the Hollywood Hills mega-mansion, Benito lived exclusively in San Juan, renting out a $3 million mansion with Gabriela Berlingeri.

However, because of the rapper’s insistence on keeping his private life as private as possible, there are little to no images of it online. He did give fans a glimpse with Instagram Live videos posted during the height of the pandemic.

Even still, privacy is Benito’s priority. He even went private on Instagram earlier this year, saying that he’s “taking a break” in 2023. His decision to retreat from the spotlight a bit may stem from an incident in early January involving an over-eager fan.

A video caught Benito throwing a fan’s phone into nearby bushes when she ran up to him with her phone out to take a selfie without his permission. The rapper tweeted about the incident soon after, but quickly deleted it.

He wrote, “the person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come to put a freaking phone in my face I will consider it for what it is, a disrespect, and I will treat it as is.”

Long story short, Benito wants to be able to go home and have everyone leave him the hell alone.

A Japanese steakhouse in Miami

Although he doesn’t outright own his home in Puerto Rico, he does own a Japanese steakhouse in Miami called Gekkō, a Japanese word that means “moonlight” in English. The restaurant opened in August of last year and offers top-tier Wagyu beef as well as a selection of unique sushi rolls.

The menu looks pretty incredible, as does the decor. The restaurant itself is already becoming one of the hottest spots in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.

In an interview with Food and Wine, the rapper explained more about why he chose Miami as the home of his first restaurant. “The culture reminds me of home,” he said. “Miami is a city where I can relax. I love to go out to eat, see the ocean — it’s just a great city.”

In another statement celebrating the restaurant’s opening, he said, “Sitting down with friends to enjoy a good meal is one of the moments I value the most. I am thrilled that now I will have a hand in creating this experience for others.”

The restaurant seats just 185 people and focuses exclusively on its dinner menu, opening at 6 PM six nights a week.

A newly-purchased mansion in the Hollywood Hills

Here’s the big kahuna. Bad Bunny’s new Hollywood Hills mansion is a sprawling estate. All in all, the property encompasses half an acre. Additionally, the main house and guest house, with their eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms, is an estimated 7,000 square feet. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous interior design choices.

The property also has a huge lawn outside, an infinity pool, and a massive barbeque area. Benito bought the house from Ali Jassim, a philanthropist who loves Puerto Rico and even owns a home there himself.

The house was not on the market when Benito bought it, which is a fitting reflection of the home itself. Invisible to passersby, the views from the home are unbeatable, which, according to The Kitchn, is pretty rare in the Hollywood Hills. Of all the properties Benito owns, this one is by far the most significant.

We can’t forget El Último Big Rig!

Bad Bunny recently toured in a decked-out big rig named after his album, “El Último Tour Del Mundo.” Benito rented out the 53′ trailer on Airbnb recently for just three nights at $91 a night. However, guests were able to rent the truck for just one night each.

According to the official listing, the stay came with VIP tickets to his show in Miami, a tour of the rapper’s favorite spots in Miami, and a photoshoot. Although Benito wasn’t able to meet with fans in person, he did leave them a pre-recorded video message congratulating them on their stay.

Unfortunately, the three-night promotion was a one-and-done deal, but there is a chance Benito might reopen the bookings some time in the future. However, he may even offer a similar experience as a tie-in with future albums or with other properties! The possibilities are endless.