You might have already heard of George Lopez’s disappointing comments about up-and-coming comedian Ralph Barbosa on his “OMG Hi!” podcast. While Lopez reportedly apologized to Ralph Barbosa Addresses George Lopez’s Comments on Sunday, the 26-year-old is finally setting the record straight on what he felt upon hearing the longtime comedian‘s remarks. Adding a little bit of spice to the chisme, Barbosa also gave a play-by-play of how the apology went down.

So let’s back up a bit. The “Lopez vs. Lopez” star appeared on his podcast “OMG Hi!” alongside Steve Treviño, who mentioned Barbosa as an important up-and-comer. Treviño said it is important to make “the path easier” for “the Ralph Barbosa’s of the world,” but Lopez’s response was seriously-questionable.

The Mexican-American icon replied, “Nobody knows who that motherf***er is, why are you saying his name?” He continued, “Is that wrong to say?” Lopez later says, “I don’t think you should be worried about anybody else, especially ‘Jeremy Barbasol.’ I don’t know who he is. I don’t mean no disrespect, but I don’t know who he is.” Immediately, fans questioned: why so much hate?

Ralph Barbosa’s recent debut on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” made so many of us happy to see a Latino comedian just being hilarious on the world stage. Maybe that’s why Lopez’s comments stung even more— why bring down a Mexican-American rising star who’s making it in the big leagues?

That being said, it seems like we were all bothered by Lopez’s comments much more than Barbosa was. At least that’s what he described during his appearance at the “Flagrant” studio, which is truly worth a watch:

While Ralph Barbosa originally reposted the Lopez video on Instagram with the decidedly-salty caption “It’s all good baby, the future is now old man 😂,” his reaction to the comedian’s comments was pretty unexpected. He told the podcast, “I wasn’t mad when he said it… I have a whole lot of respect for him, still. When he said it, I [wasn’t] like, ‘What the f**k’ [or] hurt about it.”

He continued, “It’s a f**king podcast, you’re talking sh*t, so what.”

Talking about Lopez’s personal phone apology, Barbosa said, “He’s nice… the dude called me.” Interestingly enough, the comedian recalled being “starstruck” by Lopez, describing: “He was super cool… I wasn’t expecting it.”

The longtime celeb started off the conversation saying, “Hey Ralph, this is George, George Lopez, I wanted to call and apologize.” Barbosa remembered, “My first words were, ‘What the f**k,’ and then I was like ‘My bad, I didn’t mean to be rude… It just called me off guard.'”

Barbosa explained that Lopez told him, “I was in the heat of the moment, shooting the sh*t with Trevino, kind of fired up about it, but I didn’t mean to talk badly about you… I apologize.”

While some people called for a public apology from Lopez, Barbosa preferred the private apology. If not, he said “it would’ve looked like” he was doing it for public opinion points. Lopez told him: “Comic to comic, man to man, I just want to apologize.”

Plus, the “George Lopez Show” comedian also told Barbosa he could call him if he ever “needed help with anything.” The young comic said he’ll only take him up on that when he really needs it, though.

Still, there’s no doubt the comedian opened up the “Flagrant” podcast with comments that were a bit more polarizing — but interesting, too. He told the interviewers that he didn’t really watch George Lopez growing up, and when he did watch him, thought some bits were “corny.”

While many of the interviewers were in disbelief, almost defending Lopez, Barbosa said he doesn’t really like it when people say he’s “the next” George Lopez— or any other old-guard Latino comedian. In fact, he has said, “F**k George Lopez” before, which makes us wonder… did the comedian hear about that? Hm.

Barbosa explained, “When they would [compare me to Latino comedians]… I just think it’s funny they’re assuming I looked up to George Lopez,” when that actually wasn’t true. He said he “didn’t get” Lopez’s comedy, which will no doubt be a divisive remark for some fans.

Let’s just say the comedian’s recent comments about Lopez were equal parts salty and sweet. That being said, one thing struck us, and we’ll be thinking about it for a while. “Flagrant” podcast host Andrew Schulz told Barbosa, “George Lopez is a Mexican comedian, you’re a comedian that’s Mexican.”

Schulz continued, “But you needed a Mexican comedian…” with Barbosa finishing the sentence: “So I could be a comedian that’s Mexican.” Mind=blown.