Ring the alarms. We’re finally getting Pedro Pascal, 48, in a rom-com, and our hearts are fluttering just in time for Día de los Enamorados. Destiny? We think so.

It’s no exaggeration that Pascal’s fans have been waiting for the actor to star in a romantic comedy for years. As one X user hilariously put it, “The public demands a romantic comedy with Pedro Pascal.” Another chimed in, “I think Pedro Pascal would make an amazing love interest in a romantic comedy.” Well, fans, your wishes have finally been granted (okay, we added a sprinkle of brujería to make it happen, too).

As reported by Variety, Pascal will star alongside Dakota Johnson, 34, and Chris Evans, 42, in the upcoming movie “Materialists.” Directed by Celine Song, who gave us the tear-jerker drama “Past Lives,” the movie centers on a spicy love-triangle in New York. In fact, the film will reportedly depict a luxury matchmaker who hits it off with a wealthy man (a client, perhaps?). However, she still can’t get over her ex-lover, an actor-waiter.

We’re still waiting for details on which role Pascal will take on. Still, we do know from the movie’s synopsis that the love triangle soon becomes “toxic” and could threaten the matchmaker’s business. The A24 film also allegedly gives us a look into NYC’s “elite” crowd.

Are you just as pumped for the upcoming movie as we are? If so, celebrate with us by watching lots of Latino-led rom-coms just in time for Valentine’s Day. Ahead, we rounded up seven of our all-time favorites.

1. “Fools Rush In”

We’re starting with 1997 rom-com “Fools Rush In,” which gives us a stellar performance by Salma Hayek, 57, and the late Matthew Perry. Mexican-American photographer Isabel (Hayek) and New York businessman Alex (Perry) hit it off in Las Vegas and have a one-night stand. However, things take a turn once Isabel realizes she is pregnant with Alex’s child. The two marry in a Vegas chapel, and quickly realize all of their hilarious cultural differences. Trust us, this one is a gem!

2. “Like Water For Chocolate”

Our lives can be divided in two parts: our years before watching “Como Agua Para Chocolate,” and our years after watching it. The life-changing 1992 film, billed “Like Water For Chocolate” in English, is based on Mexican author Laura Esquivel‘s novel of the same name. Nominated for a Golden Globe, the movie follows a Mexican woman named Tita in the early 1900s. Tita, who makes magic when she cooks, is not allowed to marry and must stay home to take care of her mother. Meanwhile, her sister marries the love of Tita’s life. Prepare to cry a lot, while also craving all of those handmade tortillas, meats, and yes, chocolate.

3. “How To Be A Latin Lover”

We had to include the Eugenio Derbez, 62, classic “How To Be A Latin Lover,” which will make you laugh and get emotional, too. We get Derbez as Maximo, a gigolo who seduces wealthy older women as a way of life. Years down the line, Maximo realizes that his billionaire wife Peggy is leaving him for a younger car salesman. Meaning: his very comfortable life in a mansion is over. Maximo moves in with his sister Sara (played by Salma Hayek) and her young son. What follows is an adorable rollercoaster of reconnection and countless hilarious moments.

4. “Monster-in-Law”

We couldn’t make a Latino-led rom-com list without including an O.G. J.Lo movie from the early 2000s. In fact, 2005’s “Monster-in-Law” gives us Jennifer Lopez, 54, at her best, going toe-to-toe with scary suegra Viola (played by Jane Fonda, 86). Do you think your suegra is bad? Well, this movie might make you feel better. While Charlotte (Lopez) is happily in love with fiancé Kevin (Michael Vartan), she has a jealous suegra who is out to get her. Of course, very-funny antics ensue.

5. “Tell Me When”

A movie you may have not heard of yet is Mexican film “Tell Me When,” otherwise known as “Dime Cuando Tú.” The adorable Netflix rom-com follows Mexican-American workaholic Will who has finally decided to start living life to the fullest. Traveling from Los Angeles to Mexico City to fulfill his late grandfather’s wishes, he rediscovers his heritage. And yes, as it is a rom-com, he also soon falls in love with new friend Dani. A must-watch!

6. “Everybody Loves Somebody”

Another film on our Valentine’s Day watchlist? The 2017 Mexican rom-com “Everybody Loves Somebody,” which follows a super-successful obstetrician named Clara (Karla Souza, 38). While Clara seems to have it all, as with many romantic comedies, she is missing one thing: love. When it’s time for a family wedding in her native Mexico, she asks her co-worker Asher to come along and act as her boyfriend. And while she believes that will keep her tías’ comments at bay, she doesn’t realize her ex-boyfriend Daniel will also be there.

7. “You’ve Got This”

Last but not least, we’re recommending another Netflix film to watch this Valentine’s Day: “You’ve Got This,” or, “Ahí Te Encargo.” The Mexican romantic comedy is truly hilarious, showing us a couple with different perspectives on life. While wife Ceci (Esmeralda Pimentel, 34) is focused on her career, husband Alex (Mauricio Ochmann, 46) wants to have a baby. Suddenly, he finds himself having to care for a child— and things get quite chaotic.