We finally have our very own Mr. Fantástico. Pedro Pascal, 48, has been cast as Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming Marvel Studios “Fantastic Four” movie. Marvel announced the casting today on Instagram in a special post for Día de los Enamorados, writing, “Happy Valentine’s Day from Marvel’s First Family.” Who knew Pascal would look so good in a superhero costume? Actually… we did:

So what do we know about the upcoming film so far? For one, it will hit theaters on July 25, 2025, so there’s still quite a long way to go. For the cast, Pascal will play iconic “Fantastic Four” member Reed Richards— AKA Mr. Fantastic— while Vanessa Kirby, 35, will play Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), Ebon Moss-Bachrach, 46, stars as Ben Grimm (The Thing), and Joseph Quinn, 30, gives us Johnny Storm (The Human Torch).

2025’s “Fantastic Four” film follows several onscreen portrayals over the years. While the iconic superhero team first appeared in Marvel comic books in 1961, it has since been featured in four animated TV series and several movies. Back in 2005, we got the epic “Fantastic Four” film starring Jessica Alba, 42, as The Invisible Woman (never forget!), followed up by its 2007 sequel. 2015 gave us a reboot titled “Fant4stic Four,” but… it was perhaps a bit more forgettable?

In any case, the new “Fantastic Four” film is set to be an epic ride through the team’s astronaut-to-superhero origin story. Here is what we can probably expect from the film— and Pascal’s much-anticipated role.

What do we know about Pedro Pascal’s “Fantastic Four” character so far?

As per Marvel, the Fantastic Four superhero team started out as astronauts who developed their powers after cosmic ray exposure. At that point, they were bound together for life— and became the “first family of the Marvel Universe.”

The four superheroes fight evil at every turn, taking on infamous antagonists like Doctor Doom, Namor, and Mole Man. And of course, they use their epic superpowers: Sue Storm becomes invisible, Johnny Storm wields fire, Ben Grimm gains rock-like strength, and Reed Richards— Mr. Fantastic— can stretch his body to any size.

The upcoming movie’s producers have stayed quiet on what we can expect onscreen this time around. However, they will probably stay true to the characters’ origin story and superpowers.

When it comes to Pascal’s character Mr. Fantastic, we can expect a mix of genius intelligence, strength, and lots of stretching when caught in a bind.

As per Marvel‘s official biography, Mr. Fantastic started out as Reed Richards, a genius who sold inventions, served in the military, and dreamed of designing a starship. After gathering three of his friends— the rest of the Fantastic Four— to create and ride that starship, they were all exposed to cosmic rays.

Once that happened, Reed Richards became Mr. Fantastic, gaining super-flexibility to shape-shift through life. Also having “one of the world’s highest intellects,” Pascal’s character will surely lead the team with his scientific knowledge. And yes, we might see Pascal crawl into tiny spaces, become enormous, or even disguise himself as other people.

Also, when it comes to romance, Mr. Fantastic is canonically in love with Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman). In the comics, they start off as a couple, and later marry. Eventually, they have two children together: Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards.

Will we see Pascal possess super-flexibility and major genius? And, will we see him pursue a relationship with The Invisible Woman (Kirby)? We’re not sure yet, but we’re putting those things in our 2025 bingo card.

Meanwhile, this is our reaction to the perfect casting of Pascal as Mr. Fantastic:

Oh, we definitely won:

Does this uncovered photo show that Pascal’s destiny was always to play Mr. Fantastic one day?