Picture this: heading to an art exhibition dedicated to you but finding out you can’t get in. Well, that happened to Pedro Pascal recently in Margate, England.

As reported by the BBC, the Hollywood actor arrived at the Rhodes Art Gallery in Margate to support local artist Heidi Gentle Burrell. However, it was closed.

Pascal made his way to the exhibition on Sunday, August 6, with his friend Russell Tovey. They snapped a selfie with the gallery director, Robert Diament, and the photo quickly went viral.

The gallery apologized and made a unique promise to Pedro Pascal: “We’re mortified”

After the news spread everywhere, the gallery expressed their deep regret and said they will compensate the actor for the awkward incident.

In an email to CNN, gallery co-owner Jessica Rhodes Robb stated that the show is “absolutely phenomenal” and they feel very proud “that it’s received the publicity it deserves.”

But added: “We’re mortified that they couldn’t get in and our Sunday opening policy is most definitely under review. We’ll be sending Pedro a gift from the show by way of apology.”

The exhibition, “ADHD Hyper Fixation & Why It Looks Like I Love Pedro Pascal,” includes approximately 14 paintings and sketches. It will be available until September 1.

Gentle Burrell, 45, talked to The Independent about Pascal visiting the exhibition. She explained she found out that the Chilean-American actor was there after seeing the Instagram post.

“It was absolutely nuts,” she said. “So many lovely people have messaged me in the last couple of days. I completely understand why Robert didn’t tell me he was going with Pedro, they want their privacy. But I’m a bit gutted that I missed them!”

She continued: “It’s fantastic for me, though, hopefully it’ll elevate the conversation around neurodivergence. I feel like I’m helping to create a positive change.”

Social media reacts to the internet’s beloved “Daddy” awkward moment

Pascal, 48, has become one of Hollywood’s most popular Latino actors in Hollywood. Thanks to Joel Miller’s role in HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama “The Last of Us,” and the bounty hunter Din Djarin in “The Mandalorian.”

These roles as a parent figure have caused many people on social media to call him “Daddy.” In reply to the post, Tovey commented, “Daddy is a state of mind,” playfully referring to Pascal’s nickname.

Some fans are asking for more details.

“We need a new podcast about this Pedro tour and how he felt embarrassed,” wrote an Instagram user.

Many are curious about the exhibition and want to visit.

“OMG Daddy is in town,” commented a fan on Instagram. “I’ve never felt more called out by an art exhibit,” added another person.

Meanwhile, some shared their eagerness to meet him face-to-face.

“OMG, a devastating tale! If I were in charge of the Pedro Pascal art exhibition, I simply wouldn’t sleep until he showed up,” wrote an X user.