The Mexican “Little Picasso,” 11-year-old artist Andres Valencia, just honored Karol G with her very own painting.

The artist shared the news on Instagram, posting an adorable photo alongside the “Provenza” star. He wrote, “Thank you Karol G for this incredible moment. It is an honor to be able to share this artwork with you.”

Valencia may just be 11 years old, but don’t let that fool you. His creative success could make you think he has been in the art industry for decades. My Modern Met called the painter a “prodigy,” describing his solo show at Art Miami and gallery expos in New York.

Even crazier? According to the outlet, Valencia’s paintings go for upwards of $100,000.

Valencia’s mother Elsa Valencia once explained to ABC that her son’s artistic abilities are all “self-taught.”

Still, the proud mom also told New York Times that she wants her 11-year-old to have a regular life — just with a lot of painting in between. “My son is an artist, but he is a kid first… He is a child, not a celebrity.”

Whether Valencia is a celebrity or not, his paintings attract the A-list crowd. While stars like Thalía and Sofía Vergara have both shared their love of his artwork, it seems like Karol G might be his biggest fan yet.

Valencia first painted “Mademoiselle” back in 2022

Andres Valencia’s team told mitú that the 11-year-old was “inspired by Karol G” when he created the painting he honored her with.

The painting was titled “Mademoiselle,” which Valencia posted on Instagram back in September 2022.

Created with acrylic paint and oil pastels, the artwork features Karol G’s iconic pink hair:

Interestingly, the artwork was a bit of a premonition. Karol G didn’t dye her hair from red to pink until this past April, so did Valencia know something we didn’t? Plus, the work includes lots of green — the singer’s boyfriend Feid’s signature color.

Yes, we’re just like our Walter Mercado-obsessed abuelita… and proud.

As per Valencia’s team, the 11-year-old held on to his painting “Mademoiselle” until he got the chance to present it to the “TQG” superstar.

They explained, “The two [artists] then met in Los Angeles during one of Karol’s trips to that city, which is when he personally delivered the painting to her.”

And then it was happily ever after in “Little Picasso” land.

This is how Karol G responded to the painting in her honor

Valencia reposted a few Instagram Stories on his own page, one of them by Karol G herself.

Our favorite “Bichota” wrote about Valencia presenting her with the painting on her IG Story, telling her fans, “He is Andres. One of the most special artists I have had the chance to meet.”

The singer explained, “This is a special piece that [Valencia] made thinking of me and for me, and I am crazy to see how incredible it looks at home.” 

Meanwhile, Karol G’s sister Jessica Giraldo Navarro posted on her IG Story, “[Andres Valencia] you are incredible.”

Music producer Andres Saavedra also posted on his Instagram about Valencia meeting Karol G. The music entrepreneur wrote on his IG Story, “My mom works in art. I am so, so proud of her for working for several months so these two could meet.”

Clearly, Valencia and Karol G’s meeting was a long time coming— and we’re so happy it happened.

She’s Mademoiselle Karol G to us now.