Screenshots via iamcardib/Instagram

As you probably know, Cardi B is pregnant with her second child and no one is more excited than she is. And just like her first pregnancy with Kulture, Cardi announced this one–where else?–on the stage. Up until that point, she kept her pregnancy a complete secret. And now that the cat is out of the bag, Cardi is showing off the tactics she relied on to conceal her pregnancy.

On Wednesday, Cardi took to Instagram to show her fans how she hid her pregnancy from them for so many months.

Four weeks ago, Cardi posted an Instagram video in a skin-tight bodysuit that showed off her figure. In that video, her belly looked very un-pregnant. But in this video, when Cardi turned to the side, her baby bump was clearly visible–the body suit’s patterning created an optical illusion that made her belly look flat.

“The dark panels down the center and on the sides of this jumpsuit create the optical illusion of slimmer midsection,” explained stylist Samantha Brown to TODAY. “The dark panel in the center completely camouflages the bulge of a pregnancy bump. The body positioning in the photo (arms overhead and legs crossed) also helps to lengthen her frame and minimize the width in her midsection.”

Now that Cardi’s second pregnancy is no longer a secret, the Dominican diva is having a fun time sharing her personal life with the public.

As we mentioned above, Cardi had been uncharacteristically silent on social media the past few months. And when she did post, her body was conveniently hidden (like when she posed under a pile of Birkin bags). But now, Cardi is, once again, baring all.

Just last week, Cardi shared a heartwarming video of her daughter, Kulture, bonding with her unborn brother or sister. In the black-and-white video, Kulture leans over her mama’s baby belly, a smile on her face. “I want to kiss the baby there,” she says, and Cardi says, “Okay.” Then, Kulture leans over and gives Cardi’s baby belly a kiss, to which Cardi responds with: “Aww.”

We’re glad that Cardi is back to sharing her life on social media! We hope we get tons more #pregnancylife posts to come!