If you watched the Super Bowl LVIII on CBS last night, then you may have had taquícardia during overtime, swooned over Usher, and caught glimpses of La Taylor Swift (as our abuelas call her). If you watched the Super Bowl on Nickelodeon, though, then you were in the midst of chaos. As one X user wrote, the hilarious broadcast was “insane” in the best way possible:

Yes, children’s network Nickelodeon aired a separate broadcast of the Super Bowl. Complete with sports commentators SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, the “Super Bowl LVIII Live from Bikini Bottom” was wild. As you can expect, social media couldn’t get enough— and countless memes were born. Ahead, find all the best moments from Nickelodeon’s Super Bowl, including a very-sassy Dora the Explorer “roasting” the players.

All the best moments from Nickelodeon’s Super Bowl broadcast, including Dora the Explorer’s “roast”

Nickelodeon’s Super Bowl telecast aired on the network as an accompanying Sunday game night for kids. It was just like the O.G. broadcast you could watch on CBS— except Dora the Explorer could appear on your screen to explain a false start. Meanwhile, Sandy Cheeks reported straight from the field, and Plankton seemed to have… some gastric issues over the players?

Arguably one of the funniest aspects of Nickelodeon’s Super Bowl was how they gave celebrities fishy, Bikini Bottom-style names. Was rapper Megan Thee Stallion, 28, at football’s biggest night of the year? It doesn’t seem like it— but we did see “Megan Thee Sturgeon.” In fact, the “Savage” star hung out with Dua Lipa, 28… or do we mean “Dua Flipa”?

In fact, no celebrity was safe from becoming a fish. Nickelodeon also gave us “Clamuel L. Jackson” (loved him in “Pulp Fin-tion”), “Doja Catfish,” “Billie Eelish,” and of course, “Fin Diesel” and basketball great “LePrawn James.” Also, let’s give Nickelodeon’s copywriter a round of applause for “Herring Styles.”

Meanwhile on-field explainer Dora the Explorer was the sassiest of the Nickelodeon bunch. As one X user wrote, they were “cackling” when the character explained the meaning of a “false start.” Later, Dora the Explorer sung her usual, “Where are we going?” At that point, sidekick Boots yelled out, “Back 5 yards!” Why is this the most unserious broadcast we’ve ever seen?

Was that it for petty Dora the Explorer? Nope. At another point in the game, she quipped, “Who needs a map to help find the end zone?” We’re dying.

Interestingly, the Nickelodeon broadcast was not afraid to slightly roast the players. As another X user wrote while tuning in, “49ers dropped a pass and a banner popped up on the screen that said FIRMLY GRASP IT.” What is this level of pettiness?

However, Nickelodeon cartoons didn’t just limit the roasting to the players. At one point, SpongeBob SquarePants even made a startling comment about attendee Leonardo DiCaprio‘s dating history. SpongeBob had his gloves off:

After the cameras panned to DiCaprio, 49, watching the game, SpongeBob hilariously stated, “Leonardo DiCaprio. 25. That’s about his dating history.” This chisme is too much to take! Was this all a “fever dream”? Either way, it’s fantastic:

As one X user described, Nickelodeon airing the Super Bowl was a great way for “a complex sport” to “connect with kids”:

One laugh-out-loud moment we also had to share? One X user who didn’t realize that Nickelodeon’s Super Bowl was not the O.G. broadcast. Who else?!

We may have preferred Nick’s version of the game anyway, though: