The iconic urban music group, Fuerza Regida, is making history.

For the first time ever, the San Bernardino group will take street culture to a stadium concert.

After slowly climbing the charts over the past five years, Fuerza Regida is now one of the most important urban bands.

Their first single, 2018’s “Radicamos en South Central,” caught Ramon Ruiz’s (Legado 7) attention and landed them a contract with the Música Lumbre and Rancho Humilde labels.

Since then, and five albums later, Fuerza Regida became the new voice of Mexican music.

But the dream did not stop there.

The short-term goal was to achieve what made giants like Bruce Springsteen the kings of rock: to fill a stadium.

And now Fuerza Regida has a date and location to sing their hits with thousands of fans.

During their tour last year, the band became the Mexican urban music group that sold the most concert tickets. After selling more than 150.000 tickets, Fuerza Regida became the undisputed leader of the new musical phenomenon.

Now, Fuerza Regida will present its live show on Saturday, July 15, at the majestic BMO Stadium in Los Angeles.

“Mi Raza, we have some very special news for you,” said Jesus Ortiz in an Instagram video. “Los Angeles, July 15, we will be there. It’s the first date in the United States this year.”

Ortiz then showed the dimensions of the BMO Stadium, almost as big as their accomplishment.

“Don’t miss it,” he added.

February is definitely the month of Fuerza Regida

The good news just keeps raining down on the San Bernardino band.

Days before the announcement of their concert, the Los Angeles City Council officially declared February 28 as Fuerza Regida Day. This made them the first Mexican urban music group to receive such a high distinction.

“As one of the West Coast’s revolutionary Urban Mexican bands, Fuerza Regida has amassed millions of devoted fans across the globe,” said LA City Councilmember Curren Price. 

“As they embark on their next concert, coming this summer to the BMO Stadium in District 9, the City of LA acknowledges their talent,” he added. “It is a great honor that we dedicate February 28 to a group of individuals who stay grounded in their love for the community and uplifting historically marginalized people.”

Also, during Tuesday’s press conference, Fuerza Regida made a $20,000 donation to Action for the City. This organization promotes the legalization of street vending, as it is the only possible livelihood for many families in the city.

And this is just the beginning.

Their concert at BMO Stadium is the first of a tour of 19 of the most notable arenas in the United States.

“We’ve worked very hard to get to where we are, and we’d like other artists in our community to be able to follow this same path,” Ortiz concluded.