María Félix was una estrella that was in a league of her own. From glamorous outfits to memorable performances, the Mexican actress cemented herself as a woman with true star power. Not only was she a screen siren in her native Mexico, but she also captivated audiences in Latin America and Europe.

Her contributions to fashion helped her garner partnerships with some of the biggest luxury brands of the time. Unfortunately, her life wasn’t without its faults. Much like everyone else, Félix experienced marital woes and even the loss of a child.

Despite it all, Félix held herself to a higher standard, which came across in her work as she enamored audiences everywhere. For that, Mattel released a special collection of Barbie based on her likeness to help celebrate her legacy. Below we dive into the life of this unforgettable Mexican Golden Age film legend.

María Félix was one of 15 siblings and was an Aries

Born on April 8, 1914, María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña was one of 15 siblings. Her father, Bernardo Félix, was a man of Yaqui Indian descent. Her mother, Josefina Güereña, was of Spanish origin. Reports cite that she hid a tuft of gray hair because of her father’s genetics.

Her beauty caused her first husband to hide her from the world

Félix was said to be so beautiful that her first husband, Enrique Álvarez Alatorre, kept her locked up at home. The Estate of María Félix explains that Álvarez Alatorre’s intense jealousy made it so that she stayed unseen. They would do things like show up at a movie theatre after a film started and leave before it ended.

La Doña was randomly discovered while she was out

Félix started off her film career by being discovered while out and about. Spanish director Fernando Palacios was the one who found her. She would go on to star in 47 films and several TV projects. Her first film was “El Peñón de las Ánimas,” and she became known for fearless and flawed characters, per her estate’s website.

Félix ate human meat

While on location filming “La Corona Negra” in Xauen, Morocco, a local sheik invited her to dinner.

In an interview with Mexican journalist Ricardo Rocha, La Doña explained that she tried the dish without knowing what it was.

“I liked it,” she said. After tasting it, she asked what it was and was told it was human meat.

“I became an anthropophagist, but not voluntarily,” the star said.

Félix ended her first marriage due to an STD

La Doña ended her marriage to Álvarez Alatorre after discovering he had a sexually transmitted disease. She went on to marry three more times: Agustín Lara (two years), Jorge Negrete (one year) and Alex Berger (18 years).

She allegedly beat her only child for cross-dressing

Félix only had one child — a result of her first marriage. The superstar actress allegedly once found her son, Enrique Álvarez Félix, wearing a dress. She was said to beat him unconscious.

La Doña fought to keep her name

As was the case for many non-Caucasian actors of the time, she was urged to change her name. Central notes that her two options were Diana del Mar or Marcia Maris. She said no, but agreed to shorten her name. She went on to have three nicknames, per her estate’s website. In addition to La Doña, fans called her “María Bonita” and “Puma.”

Her beauty had an Egyptian pharaoh ready to risk it all

María Félix’s beauty was such that King Farouk of Egypt offered Félix Queen Nefertiti’s diadem earrings as a way to woo her.

She worked in a censored film

Félix’s one-of-a-kind acting took her around the world. Instead of going to the U.S., she left her mark in Spain, Italy, France and Latin America. Her fearless roles would garner her much acclaim and controversy. Her film “French Cancan” was censored because of her sensual dance.

La Doña loved the finer things in life

Her star power allowed her to establish relationships with Christian Dior, Hermés and Cartier. Félix’s estate website notes that she commissioned pieces with Cartier on separate occasions. She owned homes in Europe and Mexico and collected antiques.


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Her Barbie was created to celebrate National Mexican Film Day

Mattel created Félix’s special Barbie collection to celebrate National Mexican Film Day, per The famed toy brand released her signature long locks and wore a glamorous two-toned gown. The Barbie is sold out on the Mattel website.