Photos: Public Domain; eizagonzalez/Instagram

Here is some exciting news for fans of La Doña, aka María Félix. According to Deadline, Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez is producing and starring in a movie about legendary old-Hollywood icon María Félix. Per Deadline, Gonzalez will be teaming up with director Matthew Heineman on the project. They are reportedly looking for a Latino writer to pen the script.

In a statement, Eiza Gonzalez said that she was “honored” to be stepping into the shoes of María Félix.

“Maria’s tenacity and fierce way of living through some of the hardest adversity I’ve witnessed has inspired me and many more,” said Gonzalez in a statement. “I’m incredibly honored to be playing her and to be bringing her voice and story to the world.”

Later, in an Instagram post, Eiza Gonzalez let her fans see her true excitement at the opportunity to play María Félix. “This is one of the most exciting moments of my life,” Gonzalez wrote. “I’ve always wanted to tell a story that features women, namely Latina women. Maria was a pioneer of the feminist movement who helped lay the foundation for future female trailblazers. Maria is an inspiration to me and many others. I’m so grateful to the Maria Felix estate for choosing us to share her story with the world!”

Maria Felix’s estate endorsed Eiza Gonzalez’s casting. In fact, the late actress’s representative, Walter Rivera, will executive-produce the film.

“We have long been searching for the right partner to tell Maria’s story, and we are proud to be partnering with Eiza González as she embodies so much of Maria’s strength, intelligence, passion, character and beauty,” wrote Rivera in a statement. “We know Eiza and this film have the power to influence change, much like Maria Felix did, and we know in Eiza’s hands, Maria Felix’s legacy will be portrayed in the most authentic light.”

The film’s director, Matthew Heineman, is an Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated director. Coincidentally, he previously directed another Latino-centric film: the J Balvin documentary, “The Boy From Medellín“.

Having starred in 47 films in the Golden Age of Cinema, María Félix is arguably one of the most famous Mexican actresses of all time.

Born in 1914 in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico but raised in Guadalajara, María Félix was discovered by a director while walking down the street in Mexico City. She soon began to star in Mexican films and quickly grew popular because of her striking beauty and her strong personality. Famous for playing femme fatales and temptresses, Félix called herself “the number one enemy of Mexican family morals.”

Although she was offered many roles in American films, Félix turned down the roles because they were one-dimensional and stereotypical. After having a prolific career in Mexican and Latin American cinema, Félix went on to star in various European films. María Félix retired in 1970 and spent her remaining years in Mexico City. She died in her sleep on her birthday at the age of 88.

We can’t wait to see how Eiza Gonzalez interprets the role of such a legend. We’re confident she will do María Félix justice.