If you’ve ever hit the dance floor and showed off all your salsa steps to Marc Anthony’s “Vivir Mi Vida,” and proudly clean your house #señorastyle to the epic “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien,” then chances are — you’re a fan of the Puerto Rican powerhouse salsa singer. One thing you may not know about the 53-year-old Grammy Award winner, though? He has a scarily-similar lookalike.

As reported by Telemundo’s La Mesa Caliente, a man just went viral across social media for looking exactly like Marc Anthony — down to his trademark large sunglasses. TikToker @johnnybritocu met the double on the street, asking him if he is indeed Marc Anthony. The man replies with a laugh: “They ask me that every day.” We can see why!


Miren a quien me encontré en la calle @Marc Anthony se parece ?

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The only thing that truly lets us know the man is not actually Marc Anthony pulling our leg? His Cuban accent. That being said, everything else is creepily accurate. The lookalike continues to explain in the video how people ask him “two to three times a day” if he is the salsa crooner, even stopping him to take photos.

By the end of the jaw-dropping video, the singer’s twin smiles at the camera and gives @johnnybritocu a big thumbs up — looking exactly like Anthony. While there’s no doubt the similarity is more uncanny when the man has his sunglasses on, it’s safe to say he truly looks like the singer either way. A long-lost cousin perhaps?

As you can expect, people all over social media are going crazy about the appearance of Anthony’s doppelgänger. One TikTok user commented “OMG HE LOOKS THE SAME! 😂😂😂😂 ÑO! I love that Cuban accent!” while another joined in, “Wow he looks a lot like Marc Anthony.”

Other people started to get major ideas about what they would do if they were the singer’s twin, A.K.A. one user who wrote: “IF IM HIM I SWEAR I WOULD RENT A LUXURY CAR FOR A DAY & JUST DRIVE AROUND FOR THE FUN OF IT SERIOUSLY.” Yup, genius.

Yet another person wrote, “He can sit in a restaurant, make believe he is [Marc Anthony] and not pay the bill 😂😂😂.” Maybe we shouldn’t give the man so many ideas? Or, actually, live your best life!