If you always reach for the abuelita-approved cleaning product Fabuloso at the grocery store, especially the iconic purple one with its mythical lavender scent, you might be surprised to know the brand actually got started in Latin America. 

Just picture it: after a Sunday spent listening to Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti,” Juan Gabriel’s “Querida” and Celia Cruz’s “Yo Viviré,” you’ve mopped, wiped and dusted practically every corner of your humble abode. That Sunday squeaky-clean feel is irreplaceable, and many of us know that Fabuloso is just built different for a casita limpia (we don’t make the rules).

Since we may or may not actually have a lavender-scented candle at home that gives all the Fabuloso vibes (Latina-owned brand Bonita Fierce is an O.G.), it’s safe to say we’re obsessed (along with our mami, tia, abuelita and everyone else in the family).

Once we got to digging, we found that Fabuloso’s story began in Venezuela in 1980.

Per the brand, the Latino-signature cleaning liquid was created in Venezuela more than 40 years ago, citing how it differentiated itself by smelling really good — and having serious stay-power. While the scent of other cleaning products would quickly fade away, Fabuloso’s smell would cling onto homes like the gel we used on our hair in middle school.

By 1983, it seems that Fabuloso was bought out, moving to headquarters in Mexico. While it looks like Fabuloso’s initial launch only included the purple bottle our abuelita still swears by, its Mexican reception brought in other scents as well (we’ll also take some Refreshing Lemon anyday). 

Fast-forward to 1996, and Fabuloso could finally be found on United States grocery shelves. Acquired by Colgate-Palmolive, which also owns Mexican-originated fabric softener Suavitel, Fabuloso has a full line-up of cleaning liquids and easy wipes.

While Fabuloso is technically a U.S. company now, it’s nice to know it was once a Latino’s brainchild — and there’s no doubt it still permeates our culture today (and we have all those cleaning days singing Luis Miguel to prove it).