While J.Lo and Ben Affleck are surely enjoying matrimonial bliss right about now, reportedly back in L.A. after enjoying their honeymoon in Italy where they visited pals like George Clooney, it seems like not everything is perfect in paradise. 

The couple’s three-day Georgia wedding brought together their most intimate loved ones, spanning everything from a Friday rehearsal dinner, to the Saturday wedding, to a fun Sunday barbecue. Taking place in Affleck’s Riceboro mansion, it seems like only their closest family and friends were invited, including A-listers like Matt Damon.

But now, a top-secret video of the celebrations has been leaked, and Lopez is not happy about it.

TMZ shared the video in question, which shows J.Lo serenading her husband in the middle of the dance floor as he sits on a chair. Surrounded by backup dancers and wearing a white gown decked with pearls, the “On The Floor” star can be heard singing: “Can’t get enough of you… I can feel the passion in your eyes.” 

While the video is adorable, and Lopez looks absolutely stunning as she dances and sings for Affleck, the triple-threat took to Instagram to explain the moment was not meant to be leaked. 

As shared by Instagram account @jlow0rld, Lopez commented on the shared video describing how it was “taken without permission. Period.” She explained, “Whoever did it took advantage of our private moment… We had NDA’s and asked everyone not to share anything from our wedding.” 

The “Marry Me” actress continued, “That is our choice to share… Which I will do when I am ready to. This was stolen without our consent and sold for money.” 

It is clear that the song J.Lo can be heard singing in the video is still unreleased, which makes the leak even more unfortunate for the New York-born celeb. Only a few choice photos of the wedding have been released online, such as glimpses of her three dreamy Ralph Lauren dresses.

Still, the leaked video gives us some insight into the wedding — and can we just say that song is very catchy?!