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Cardi B may be infamous for being a self-professed bad cook, but in this episode of “Cardi Tries“, she tries her hand at cooking! But she’s not just cooking anything. In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, Cardi is cooking famous dishes from Latin American countries.

In Cardi’s most recent episode of her Facebook Watch series, “Cardi Tries,” Cardi, along with actress and model Indya Moore, got a lesson in Latino cooking from Chefs Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu.

Before their cooking lessons, the two Bronx icons bonded over the shared Dominican heritage and how important food was in their families. “I want to cook like my aunt and my grandmother,” Cardi told Indya. “I really want to learn how to be an amazing Hispanic cook.”

Indya explained to Cardi that their father was a Dominican immigrant and taught their mother how to cook Dominican food. They also told Cardi that they see food as a means to nourish and nurture their loved ones.

When the two Dominicanas arrived at La Casita Mexicana, they were immediately handed Morir Soñandos by the chefs before starting their cooking lessons.

Morir Soñando is considered the national drink of the Dominican Republic, and it is made up of orange juice, milk, vanilla, and a pinch of sugar. Right after that, Chefs Jaime and Ramiro brought Cardi and Indya along for a lesson in making the famous Dominican dish, mangú. Mangú is made up of mashed plantains and topped with pickled onions.

As background, chefs Jaime and Ramiro are known by food enthusiasts as the “Kings of Authentic Mexican Cuisine” and they own the celebrated Mexican restaurant La Casita Mexicana. The James Beard-nominated chefs seemed delighted to teach Cardi and Indya all about Latina American food.

Cardi also received lessons in making Peruvian dish ceviche peruano, Salvadoran dish pupusa, and famed Mexican dish chiles en nogada.

The chefs educated Cardi and Indya on how ceviche is cooked (through the acids in citrus), and how long to fry pupusas. Cardi loved the pupusas so much that she considered making them at home. “My husband doesn’t really like to try new things, but I think my husband would like this,” she said.

While all of the dishes were new to Cardi and Indya, the dish that was most intimidating to them was chile en nogada, which the chefs explained had been part of Mexican cuisine since 1821. To up the stakes even higher, the chefs told Cardi and Indya that they would be serving their chiles en nogada to two celebrity guests, la novia de Mexico Angélica María and telenovela star Andrés Zuno.

Cardi was skeptical of the raisins in the chiles en nogada, but in the end, she was impressed by their “sweet, spicy, and meaty” flavors.

No one was a bigger fan of Cardi and Indya’s food than Angélica María, though. “You are great stars but you are great cooks,” she told them. She also added: “It tastes exactly like Mexico.”

In the end, Cardi said the experience made her want to visit Mexico. “Chile nogada really made me want to go and explore the real real Mexico,” she said. “You know, I’ve been to Tulum, I’ve been to Cancun, but I feel like I haven’t been in in Mexico, like, in with the people.” We’re sure she’d find a person or two who would be more than happy to host her!

Watch the episode here.