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In honor of the 2020 Olympics, Cardi B is trying her hand at gymnastics! And not just any kind of gymnastics, but rhythmic gymnastics. While Cardi B is a consummate performer, she’s not exactly a professional gymnast. Seeing her attempt an entire gymnastics routine is as funny as you can imagine it is.

In Cardi’s most recent episode of her Facebook Watch series, “Cardi Tries,” Cardi, along with comedian Amanda Seales, got a lesson in rhythmic gymnastics from gymnastics star, Nastasya Generalova.

Before going to her gymnastic lesson, Cardi B confided in Amanda Seales why she wanted to try gymnastics for this “Cardi Tries” episode. “I am not a flexible person,” she said. “However, everything that I can’t do, I’m gonna make sure that my daughter do. And now that she turned three, I’m going to put her in gymnastics class. I just want her to be really flexible because being flexible always take you a long way with everything.”

Amanda Seales, who appears in “Insecure” as Tiffany DuBois, came along for the ride because she was a competitive gymnast when she was a child. Seales and Cardi also bonded over their love of the Olympics and their pride at all of the Black girl representation on the Team USA gymnastics team. “What’s so dope right now, is that black girls are in gymnastics all over the place,” said Seales, adding, “It was not like that!”

When they got to the rhythmic gymnastic lesson with Nastasya Generalova, it became immediately clear that the women were out of their league.

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As background, Nastasya Generalova isn’t just any rhythmic gymnast. She has won USA Gymnastics “Athlete of the Year” title four times. And for those who don’t know, rhythmic gymnastics incorporates different “apparatuses”: the hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon into the sport. As soon as Cardi and Amanda arrived, Nastasya put them to work on the different apparatuses. And Cardi wasn’t exactly a fan.

Cardi referred to the clubs as “plungers” and made it clear that she wasn’t interested in hula hooping ever again in her life. In the end, Cardi had a lot more fun with the ball and the ribbon portion of her rhythmic gymnastics lesson. When it came to the ribbons, she also had a good time. “Oh snap! I’m about to do this in a music video!” she said.

Throughout this “Cardi Tries” episode, different children who attended the class with Cardi and Amanda were interviewed. They, at least, seemed to be entertained by watching the rapper.

“Even I had a tough time [twirling the club] but she had these long nails,” said one child. “I didn’t know if they were gonna, like, break or something.” And, indeed, seeing Cardi try to use the different apparatuses with her signature talon-like nails was one of the funniest parts of the episode.

Cardi and Amanda topped off the lesson with their own (hilarious) gymnastic routine. While they wouldn’t give Simone Biles a run for their money, they did seem to have fun with the ribbons and the balls. As Cardi put so eloquently: “The ball stuff, they’re a little fun. Balls are always fun.”

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