While many people are adopting dogs these days, it’s still hard for adoption centers to find every dog a forever home.

That’s why comedian Steven Colbert started a segment on “The Late Show” called “Rescue Dog Rescue,” where the host brings celebrities in to show off adorable puppies that are up for adoption from the North Shore Animal League.

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For this week’s segment, he invited “Moon Night” star Oscar Isaac to help him show off some rescue puppies and the results were comedic gold! 

The funniest part of the segment is that when Colbert and Isaac present the puppy to viewers, reciting flattering lies about each of the puppies. With Colbert introducing the first pup by saying, “Sterling has memorized all the bathroom codes for every Starbucks in the country… adopt him and say goodbye to all those awkward looks from the barista when you rush in and don’t buy anything.”

After, Isaac took the stage to tell some flattering lies about Alma, one of the cutest puppies. “She’s a champion marathon runner. Even better, she’s agreed to attach your Fitbit to her collar, so now all those steps can be yours,” he joked.

The “Dune” actor made a “Star Wars” reference for all the franchise’s fans. “[Maggie] is a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan, who goes to all the conventions and one time even got to meet Harrison Ford. So adopt this dog and she can tell you what Han Solo’s butt smells like,” said Isaac.

Whether it’s talking about Latino representation in Hollywood or cuddling puppies on the “Late Show,” Oscar Isaac shows he’s a great person on and off the screen — and we love to see it.