The trailer for Marvel Studios’ series “Moon Knight” just dropped, and the internet is freaking out. It shows Oscar Isaac as former soldier Marc Spector, who explains, “I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams.”

Isaac’s uncanny British accent aside, the trailer promises an adrenaline-filled adventure with near-death experiences falling from cliffs, all the way to Spector dealing with a dissociative identity disorder that blurs his reality. Spector becomes Moon Knight after being inhabited by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, and we see him fully become the superhero by the end of the trailer — after viciously beating someone up, that is. 

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Premiering March 30 on Disney+, this series is bound to have us all biting our nails in suspense, and will certainly make all of us want to “embrace the chaos”— that being said, it would’ve never happened without a little influence from Isaac’s 4-year-old son. The Guatemala City-born actor sat down with ET Canada to discuss the series, and when asked about his decision to take on the superhero role, his response was anything but expected. 

Isaac simply explained, “I will say I feel like now my litmus test on whether I’m going to do something is if it makes my kid laugh.” As executive producer Kevin Feige said on Disney Investor Day, Spector’s character has several different identities, and are all “very distinct” from each other.” Isaac told ET Canada, “that’s how I chose to do ‘Moon Knight’… I started doing the characters for my 4-year-old and he started laughing and really liked them.” He continued, “and so then I was like alright, I guess I’ll do this.” So yes, Isaac’s son was also pleasantly surprised by the British accent!

Of course, “Moon Knight” isn’t really a show for kids, what with actor Ethan Hawke showing up as a frightening villain, and tons of action-adventure that is sure to leave us on the edge of our seats. So while Isaac’s son is the reason behind the choice of role, he probably won’t be allowed to watch the whole series: the actor said, “maybe not all of it… but little bits… here and there.”

One aspect of “Moon Knight” Isaac’s son did get the inside scoop on? That epic costume. Adorably enough, the 42-year-old actor said his son has “seen the costume” and “loved it,” but even better? Isaac said he “made him a little costume, a little ‘Moon Knight’ costume.” The actor loved his own costume, too: “it’s probably the most badass I’ve ever felt.”