Snoop Dogg, 52, has often shared his love for Mexican cultura in the past.

For one, back in 2022, the rapper paid tribute to the late Vicente Fernández in his concert, calling him “one of the greats” and playing “El Rey” for fans. Even once making headlines for singing Chalino Sánchez songs on social media, Snoop Dogg has also collaborated with bands like Fuerza Regida and Banda MS. So, it makes sense that the rapper signed a mariachi band to his label, Death Row Records — an experience that the band’s lead singer now calls “incredible.”

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Last year, Snoop Dogg signed mariachi act Julian Torres y Mariachi Cenzontle to the new iteration of Death Row Records. Incredibly, the Mexican band became the first-ever act on the new, reinvented label. Even more magical? According to GRUNGECAKE, the band met Snoop Dogg outside of the late Kobe Bryant‘s memorial service.

In fact, as per HOLA!, the California-born rapper told “Despierta America” that he met the band while they were performing outside the public memorial at the Los Angeles Lakers‘ Staples Center. They blew away Snoop Dogg with their musicianship, which we 100% understand. Just check out this onsite video of Torres singing classic “Amor Eterno” outside the memorial:

Back in May, Julian Torres y Mariachi Cenzontle released their first single, “La Fiesta de mi Pueblo,” under Death Row Records. As Snoop Dogg told “Despierta America,” he “loves Hispanic music,” so he knew he had to sign the mariachi act.

As Torres now puts it, he feels “blessed” and “very fortunate” for Snoop Dogg’s support. Here’s everything to know about the signing, and everything Torres has to say about the experience today.

Torres said that Snoop Dogg is “embracing our whole culture”

Julian Torres explained on the True Hustle podcast last month how he feels being signed to Death Row Records. “I feel blessed. I feel very fortunate. Pues, echándole ganas.”

“Snoop [Dogg] is the owner of Death Row Records, and he could have gone any way with it,” the singer continued. “But he chose México to be the first style of music on his label… Let alone he chose me as his first artist on the label.”

“It’s an incredible feeling,” he added with a smile.

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I mean, just look at all of them here. A match made in heaven if we ever saw one:

Moreover, Torres described on the podcast how he is the official-unofficial mariachi for Dodger Stadium, getting invited “quite often” to sing there. He joked that he still has to “see the plaque” for that, though. Still, Torres explained how he has been putting in the work in the music industry for years, stemming from hearing his father sing “for years.” Other huge influences? Vicente Fernández, of course, but also Luis Miguel, Jorge Negrete, Juan Gabriel, and more:

Torres explained that he grew up in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, specifically the San Pedro neighborhood. He started performing live from a young age, and “something” told him he was “going to make it.”

Fast-forward to last year getting signed to Death Row Records, Torres said “there are days he still doesn’t believe it.” He added, “I feel very fortunate. And it’s beautiful to see that [Snoop Dogg] is embracing our whole culture.”

Indeed, the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper is Tío Snoop to all of us now — and is definitely invited to all the carne asadas.

Just look at him rapping “Que Maldición” live with Banda MS, proving that vibes are a universal language:

And just in case you haven’t heard it in a while, let us bless your work week with the rapper’s Fuerza Regida collab, “Me Acostumbré A Lo Bueno”:

Furthermore, just as the cherry on top, here is Snoop Dogg jamming to Vicente Fernández’s “El Rey.” Chef’s kiss: