With absolute romantic bangers like “Mi Mayor Anhelo,” it’s easy to see why a Banda MS concert is prime wedding proposal territory. Who wouldn’t want their significant other to propose to them while getting serenaded by the iconic Sinaloan banda? Well, turns out… there’s one person who wouldn’t.

As one X user once described, “My dream proposal is to get proposed to on stage at a Banda MS concert,” hilariously noting that they “would faint.” However, not everyone feels the same way. Case in point? A recent double proposal onstage at a Banda MS concert — where only one man got a “yes.”

Here’s everything to know about what fans are saying was a pretty awkward moment.

The band posted a TikTok video showing the proposals, writing how “magical” it was

Banda MS’s concert at Capitol One Arena in Washington, D.C. was a major success, singing major hits like “Ojos Cerrados” and “Me Vas a Extrañar.”

One of the most noteworthy moments, though? When the band brought up two couples onstage for their very-romantic proposals.

The band later posted a TikTok video of the onstage proposals, writing, “Thank you for making us a part of this special moment. We lived something magical in Washington yesterday.” Well, at least it seemed magical for one of the couples. Watch it here:


Gracias por hacernos parte de este momento tan especial ❤️ Ayer vivimos algo mágico en Washington 🙏🏼🙏🏼 #MS20años

♬ Mi Mayor Anhelo – Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga

So, what happened? As you can see in the clip, Banda MS brought up both couples onstage. At that point, the unsuspecting women were told to turn around towards the audience. When they turned back around to their partners, they realized they were kneeling — with engagement rings in their hands.

The woman on the left quickly began screaming (relatable) and was clearly over the moon. However, the woman on the right started backpedaling — literally — walking backward and shaking her head “no.”

As you can see, the woman on the left continues screaming for quite some time, saying “yes” and embracing her partner. She is pumped, as many of us would be, and looked like it was the best moment of her life. We love this for her!

However, the other woman had a very different reaction. She put her head in her hands, shaking her head and seemingly thinking it over. She then hugs her partner, too, looking pretty sad— and dejectedly grabs a bouquet of red roses. Later in the video, the band continues playing music, while the two couples dance.

So did the woman on the right say “yes” or “no”? Fans seem to think it was a definite negative. One TikTok user commented, “The woman with the long hair said ‘NO.'”

Another added, “The woman in black said ‘no’ twice… what a bad moment… that’s not the place for you, champ.”

As yet another put it, “The lady in black doesn’t look too happy like the other lady.”

This isn’t the first time couples get engaged at a Banda MS concert

Well, the jury’s still out on whether the woman in Washington, D.C. accepted her proposal or not. Still, it’s interesting to note that Banda MS concert proposals are actually a trend — and we’re obsessed.

As you can see in this X user‘s 2020 video, one couple carried out their engagement at a concert with Banda MS singing right next to them:

As the user noted, this was the “best proposal” — and they weren’t alone in thinking it. Talking about the same engagement moment, another X user wrote it had them “in tears”:

Yet another said that days later, they were “still thinking about that proposal during a Banda MS concert”:

So it’s clearly happened twice, right? Nope. Another X user wrote how they also witnessed a Banda MS onstage proposal in September 2019 during “Mi Mayor Anhelo.” You can hear someone saying in the background, “They’re living my dream.” Same:

Throughout the years, many others have described seeing proposals at Banda MS concerts:

And yes, we might all be dreaming about a moment like that now, for better or for worse!