There are countless ways to propose marriage. However, the unexpected ones that carry an original touch are the most special. Such is the case of a journalist from Tennessee who was speechless while recording a TV promo segment.

In a video circulating on the internet, Rigel Nagel surprises his girlfriend and news anchor, Cornelia Nicholson, with flowers and a marriage proposal straight out of a romantic comedy movie.

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“Coming up right now, we have the story of two young journalists who happen to find love in the same industry,” she began reading from the teleprompter. Then she started noticing something was happening as she introduced Nagel to the set at NBC affiliate WRCB.”

Nicholson told mitú how shocked she was while reading the script: “Afterward, all my friends popped out from the booth, crying, with balloons in their hands. I still can’t believe my best friend proposed to me like this! We talked about marriage and getting engaged for months, but I never suspected he would do it during the promos.”

Roses, a loving speech and a “yes” that resonated throughout Tennessee

Carrying a bouquet of red roses, the boyfriend approached where she was sitting and began talking about how they had met approximately four years earlier at another station in Montana. His speech melted the hearts of the audience.

“When I first met you, I was very drawn to you. You have such an amazing personality, you are so bright, and you always light up the room when you come in and make everyone laugh,” Nagel said.

He also praised his now fiancé for being “incredibly talented” and inspiring him to be part of the media industry.

Before asking her to marry him, he continued: “You’re always pushing me to be better in news and other aspects of my life, and I thought it’d be fitting to ask you this question here since we met [working] in news.” 

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While surprised and visibly moved, Nicholson answered with tears of joy, offering her left hand for him to put the ring on, sealing the promise of eternal love. 

In an interview with The New York Post, Nicholson remembered he was “like a nervous wreck.” She said, “His hands were shaking. I’ve never seen him be that nervous before.”

Social media users now want their own proposals to reach these heights

Naturally, a romantic proposal of this caliber captured social media’s attention. People have responded with adorable messages to the couple.

“I love being happy for random strangers. This is so beautiful,” wrote an Instagram user.

Another one added: “Just so beautiful. I love how both were nervous. It was so cute, making it even more special. I’m so happy for you, and congratulations.”

Many highlighted Nagel’s speech and how it is essential to feel supported by your partner:

“A woman that helps a man to become better and that man being appreciative will always result in this. They both appreciate each other,” shared another person. 

“Love that proposal. He was so sweet and sincere. Congratulations, may God bless your union and both always,” commented another user.