Growing up, Luis Miguel was an artist that every Latino would hear any time their mamás felt nostalgic or had to clean. His lyricism and musical composition had the power to evoke emotions in his fans that few others could.

The last time Miguel toured was in 2019, according to the Los Angeles Times. So, when he announced his world tour people collectively lost their marbles. First stop on his Luis Miguel Tour? Argentina.

But, for many fans, something was amiss. The Luismi they had pictured in their heads did not match the one that took the stage.

Luis Miguel conspiracies range from body doubles to a local doppleganger

El Sol de Mexico, Miguel’s most popular moniker, began trending as fans thought he had sent up a body double on stage due to the fact that he looked so incredibly different. According to, one of the leading theorists in Argentina is entertainment journalist Luis Ventura.

The publication cites that Ventura is of the belief that Miguel was not the one performing on opening night in Argentina. He further claims that the Puerto Rican-born and Mexican-raised singer had body doubles replace him. That upon arriving in Argentina, he hired a third local doppelganger. reports that Ventura went on to intensely study Miguel’s appearance to further prove that this was an imposter. The Argentine journalist listed things like LuisMi’s ears looking different and his hairline. Ventura even consulted with dentists to compare the singer’s teeth.

The Internet is torn about whether the theories are true

The internet, known to have strong opinions, definitely had serious thoughts. Some fans didn’t believe that it was Luismi on stage and made it known. One person commented on X (formerly Twitter) saying, “That’s not Luis Miguel, that’s a cheap imposter.”

Another supporter of the theory said, “That Argentine imposter that people are talking about, he is an opportunist that is hanging onto Luis Miguel for 5 minutes of fame.” They continued, “It’s not the first time he seeks attention telling lies. LuisMi has never used body doubles not even to distract the press. For that he has security.”

Others came to his defense. Another fan shared on X, “This is not an imposter.”

The fan, who was referencing a video of an older woman looking emotional, continued, “This is what is achieved when an extraordinary talent revives emotions in older adults and captivates young people, #LuisMiguel is one-of-a-kind!”

Despite all the hype, LuisMi hasn’t released an official statement debunking any of the theories… yet.