Between his Old Spice campaign for TikTok, his starring role in “Father of the Bride” for HBO Max and his new development deal with Amazon Prime Video, Diego Boneta is about to be everywhere.

The Mexican actor, singer and producer took stock of all that’s happening for him in a recent interview with HOLA!, where he discusses why the portrayal of different Latinx cultures is so monumental in his role on the Andy Garcia-led “Father of the Bride,” and how shooting TikToks for Old Spice didn’t really feel like he was making a TikTok.

On his character in “Father of the Bride,” Boneta said, “I can’t think of another Hollywood movie that shows the differences and similarities between two Latin cultures. You have a Cuban American family and she’s getting married to a Mexican guy, which is my character.” Boneta stresses the importance of showing that, although many cultures speak Spanish, the Latinx community is diverse and unique, and that it’s crucial we reflect that in our movies.

(Credit: Warner Bros.)

Boneta is “pumped” that Warner Bros. decided to balance the Cuban family in the film with a Mexican one, “instead of making it a Cuban American getting married to an American boy, you know?” Boneta claims that’s what makes this latest iteration so special, and what excited him about it in the first place.

The new film, which hits HBO Max on June 16, also stars the legendary Gloria Estefan, whom Boneta calls “the queen of Miami.”

The 31-year-old actor also opened up about his work with Old Spice and his Sweat Defense Dry Spray campaign. Boneta is excited to be part of the Old Spice family and thrilled that the male grooming brand is working with more Latinx talent. “Being a part of this, of this new campaign is just so flattering,” he said. The former RBD star also shared his delight of being allowed creative direction and that working on the videos “did not feel like a TikTok video, cause it was quite a big production, which we actually shot in my bathroom.”


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Finally, Boneta touched on his development deal with Amazon Prime Video, which will see him starring and producing movies, television shows and more, through his production company, Three Amigos.

“We are on the same page as far as doing, TV, limited series, series and films that are, in English and Spanish,” Boneta said about his work with Amazon. “Some of them happen in Mexico and in Latin America, others don’t, but we wanna make authentic stories with the best filmmakers that are for a global audience, not just for Latin America, not just for the U.S., but thinking big, thinking global.”