Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, 74, collapsed midway through his Clarkston, Michigan concert on July 5, prompting medical personnel to rush to his side onstage.

The Autlán, Mexico-born guitarist was performing business as usual at Pine Knob Music Theatre when he collapsed. As reported by Datebook, the incident occurred one hour into the concert, just before Santana began to play his song “Joy.”

Just as he described “Joy” as “mystical medicine music,” Santana fainted on stage. Medics quickly rushed to his side to help him, administering care for 20 minutes before allegedly wheeling off the guitarist on a stretcher and covering him with a tarp.

Fans immediately worried about the “Black Magic Woman” performer’s health, especially as venue staff reportedly told them: “Ladies and gentlemen as you can see, we have a severe medical emergency… Let’s share our prayers… We need it right now… Please send your light and love to this man.”

Santana’s collapse comes after a few other recent health scares, including “an unscheduled heart procedure” he underwent late last year.

While his manager Michael Vrionis said the guitarist was “doing fantastic” after the procedure, he was forced to cancel his December concerts at his residency at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

The Mexican icon also tested positive for COVID-19 back in February.

The guitarist’s Clarkston show was canceled after his collapse, upon being taken to McLaren Clarkston clinic for care. 

Vrionis explained to ABC News that Santana’s episode was due to being “over-taken with heat exhaustion and dehydration,” but is now “doing well.” The manager also stated that the guitarist’s July 6 Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, concert is now postponed. 

Meanwhile, Santana himself took to Facebook to directly communicate with his fans, explaining what happened, adding that he and his wife Cindy Blackman are doing well. He wrote, “to one and all thank you for your precious prayers. Cindy and I we are good just taking it easy. forgot to eat and drink water so i dehydrated and passed out. blessings and miracles to you all.”

Blackman also posted a message on her own Facebook page, saying that her husband is “resting and doing very well.” She also went into why Santana got so dehydrated in the first place: “it was 100 degrees on stage and 114 under the lights so that coupled with not enough water is what caused the issue. He’ll be as good as new soon.”

For now, it seems like the guitarist should be back on the next leg of his Miraculous Supernatural Tour as soon as he recovers.