Jorge Santana, the younger brother of Carlos Santana, is dead at the age of 68. The Chicano singer changed the sound of Chicano music with his time playing with the band Malo. Carlos confirmed the news on Facebook with a touching post to his brother.

Guitarist Jorge Santana is dead at 68.

Wetaketime tocelebratethemagnificentspiritof ourbelovedbrotherJorgeHe transitioned unto the realm of light…

Publicado por Carlos Santana en Viernes, 15 de mayo de 2020

“We take time to celebrate the magnificent spirit of our beloved brother Jorge,” Carlos wrote on Facebook. He transitioned unto the realm of light that cast no shadow the eyes of my heart clearly see him right in between our glorious and magnificent mother Josefina and our father Jose… They are caressing his face and kissing his hands showering him with Light and Love.
We love cherish and honor your soul MEMO
Carlos and the Santana family”

Jorge followed in his brother’s footsteps and became a famed and world-renowned musician. His sound became the epitome of the Chicano Movement that was in full swing. Malo’s song “Suavecito” became an anthem for the movement.

Tributes to the late musician are pouring in on social media.

The family told the media that Jorge died of natural causes. Jorge was born in Jalisco, Mexico and eventually joined the San Francisco band Malo in 1971. By 1972, the band and Jorge made an indelible impression on Chicano music and the Chicano Movement happening at the time.

Carlos’s fans are offering the singer love and support during this time.

Credit: Carlos Santana / Facebook

Malo went through a series of evolutions and Jorge stayed with the band for three albums before the group eventually fell apart. Jorge’s career continued as a member of the Fania All-Stars, a salsa collective based out of New York City. He was the only Mexican included in the collective of Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians.

Jorge’s legacy will live on because of his integral part in the vocalization of the Chicano Movement.

The Chicano Movement coincided with the Civil Rights movement and was centered on the West Coast. Mexican-Americans began mobilizing to demand basic civil rights. The movement was characterized by student walk-outs, protests, and marches. The activism work by César Chavez and Dolores Huerta with farmworkers is included as part of the Chicano Movement.

The news of his death, while saddening, is bringing up nostalgic feelings for Jorge Santana fans.

His music spoke to people and their Latino and Chicano identity and is deeply engrained in the childhood and adolescence of millions of people. Jorge’s death is a loss of a legend and voice that uplifted a community for decades.

Listen to “Suavecito” below.

RIP, Jorge. You will be missed but never forgotten.

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