On Thursday, Nick Jr. announced that Cardi B, her husband Offset, and their daughter, Kulture, will guest star on the animated kids show, “Baby Shark’s Big Show!”

Cardi B also announced the collab on her Instagram page, posting a photo of her character alongside the caption: “Make sure you guys and your babies check out Me & my family episode on BABYSHARK series on Nicklelodeon!”!!!

Based on Sharki B’s appearance, it seems like little kids will probably love the new addition to “Baby Shark’s Big Show!” Sharki B is a gorgeous shade of purple with big gold hoops and a tiara made of pearls.

The official synopsis of the episode, which is titled “Seaweed Sway” is as follows: “‘The Seaweed Sway’ follows Baby Shark (voiced by Kimiko Glenn) and William (Luke Youngblood) as they meet the ferociously fun rap icon Sharki B, who is swimming into Carnivore Cove to perform her splash hit dance craze, The Seaweed Sway.”

Offset will be voicing the character of “Offshark” and Kulture will be voicing “Kulture Shark.”

In a press release Sharki B was described as “seven seas-flashy, awe-inspiring, and ruthlessly fun—but always 100% herself and fin-spires other fishies to do the same.” Flashy, awe-inspiring and fun? Sounds familiar!

Nick Jr. also gave us a glimpse into Cardi’s episode when they dropped a trailer that featured her character singing lines from the episode’s new original song, “Seaweed Sway.”

In the clip, Sharki B dances on stage while singing, “Every fishy can do the Seaweed Sway.” We can already tell that kids everywhere are going to love it. She also drops a piece of advice about her path to success, telling Baby Shark and William, “I got here by doing things my own Sharki B way.” We know that’s right!

Naturally, Twitter had some choice reactions upon hearing that the “WAP” rapper would be appearing on a show aimed at children 3-years-old and up.

The announcement is dividing Twitter users.

This user thinks that Cardi B’s persona is too “adult” to be on a show for kids:

This user defended Cardi, arguing that little kids don’t even know who Cardi is, so they wouldn’t know that her music is inappropriate:

This person is frustrated that Cardi B is spending her time voicing animated characters when she should be in the studio:

This Twitter user is worried that “Seaweed Sway” is going to become the new “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” (i.e., will parents ever hear the end of it?)

Catch Cardi B’s episode of “Baby Shark’s Big Show!” on April 15 at noon ET/PT on Nickelodeon.