Becky G‘s name seems to be on everyone’s lips lately.

Whether talking about her recent Peso Pluma-assisted chart-topper “Chanel” — or her potential breakup from soccer player fiancé Sebastian Lletget, the star is a hot topic.

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As you may already know, Lletget admitted to having a “lapse in judgment” and “disrespecting” Becky G, which many fans took as a cheating apology post. Fast-forward two months later and the press is hungrier than ever to get the inside scoop on the “MAMIII” singer’s personal life.

So much so that paparazzi hounded her last weekend at Mexico City’s International Airport, reportedly asking her about her fiancé. It got real fast — and Becky G isn’t taking the invasion of privacy lightly.

Airport paparazzi mobbed Becky G asking about her love life

A viral video making rounds on social media shows Becky G struggling to make it through Mexico City’s airport. Arriving in the city on May 12 to perform at the Tecate Emblema festival, people trying to get a photo or quote immediately hounded the singer.

You can see in the clip how Becky and her team try to walk through the airport but are surrounded by a crowd of photographers and reporters. The paparazzi can be spotted running to keep up with the star, who understandably refused to speak to them. Meanwhile, the crowd pushed and shoved and a cameraman fell to the floor.

As per El Diario, several paparazzi asked her about Lletget — and whether she had forgiven him. Other sources claim reporters asked whether she would marry the soccer star. Just one look at the video is enough to give anyone anxiety — as one Twitter user stated, it looked “absolutely terrifying.”

Becky G clapped back at the press

While Becky G kept mum during the mob, she later took to social media to air her thoughts on the situation. She posted a video to Instagram stories, saying she wanted to “take a moment to talk about what happened at the airport.”

First, she expressed her distress regarding whether airport onlookers were okay.

“For all the people that were there, I hope you are okay. I know it was an intense, crazy moment,” she said in the video. “Sincerely, it strongly impacted me.”

At that point, the Inglewood-born star admitted she was “nervous” talking about it but wanted to speak out. She pointed to people working in media, saying: “I know there are a lot of people that work in that world, who say, ‘I’m only trying to do my job. Let me do my job.'”

However, she responded with food for thought to those statements.

“I’m also trying to do my job,” she continued. “And mine has nothing to do with drama, being chismosa, or talking about negative things in life.”

Later, Becky G paused and added a more personal note. Seemingly referring to chisme about her love life, she continued: “If there’s something to say, I’ll say it. If there’s nothing to say, I won’t say it.”

The star then asked the press to “respect” her, calling it a “mutual relationship.”

“If I give you respect, please, give me the same thing, too,” she said.

The “Sin Pijama” singer asked people to respect her “boundaries”

Becky G then told fans, “Boundaries, guys. We have to have boundaries.” Referring to “anxiety” being a “very real thing” for her.

She explained how such incidents make her “so uncomfortable” because she “doesn’t feel safe.”

By the end, she said that while some may think “calladita es más bonita,” she had to share her thoughts on the situation.

While that’s all we got from the singer about that, her fans continue to express their shock at the video. One Twitter user wrote, “Everyone that treated Becky G so poorly at the airport is f**king horrible…I felt so scared for her.”

Another said the video reminded them of why “being famous sounds literally awful.”

Yet another fan said the clip made them “sick to [their] stomach,” while someone replied, “Ridiculous! Very dangerous.”

However, many others were on the opposite side of the spectrum. One Twitter user wrote, “They’re people in the public eye! They live off of that!”

Still, as yet another person put it, celebs “are human too.”