There’s no doubt Becky G is living her best life right now after her probable breakup from fiancé Sebastian Lletget, and we love to see it. After her iconic concert at Coachella, which brought out stars like Natti Natasha and Fuerza Regida singer Jesus Ortiz Paz, plus her new chart-topping song “Chanel” with Peso Pluma, let’s just say Becky G is doing just fine. With a recent performance at the Latin AMAs in between, the Mexican-American singer can’t stop, won’t stop— and her pit stop at Rauw Alejandro’s Inglewood concert this past weekend proves it.

As you can see in now-viral fan videos of Rauw Alejandro’s second night at Inglewood’s Kia Forum on Saturday, Becky G came up onstage for a legendary perreo in her hometown. And yes, fans are loving the “Sin Pijama” singer welcoming her “single girl era” and “hot girl summer.”

Becky G showed off her perreo skills while dancing to Rauw Alejandro’s song “Dejau” onstage.

As you can see in videos from Rauw Alejandro’s Inglewood show, the Puerto Rican singer surprised everyone by bringing Becky G onstage. Videos show how he starts off by asking fans to “clap for Becky G” right before he welcomes her with a hug. Afterward, you can see Rauw Alejandro motioning a dance move to the “MAMIII” singer, probably asking if she wanted to perrear a bit onstage. He then tells the audience, “Becky G is ready for perreo.” And yes, everyone went wild.

Later, Rauw Alejandro talks to Becky G into the mic, saying: “Becky, on the count of three, you have to show all my Latinos your perreo.” Immediately, he starts singing the booming lyrics “Ahora me llama” from his song “Dejau,” and the rest is perreo history.

Fans immediately loved how Becky G didn’t hold back from fully taking on the perreo challenge, especially when Rauw Alejandro started singing lento and hasta abajo. The moment was absolutely epic, making Becky G even more of a queen in our eyes.

What made the moment even more special? The 26-year-old singer clearly gave her all to her Inglewood fans, honoring her hometown in a very cool way.

This is how fans are reacting to Becky G’s now-iconic perreo at Rauw Alejandro’s Inglewood concert

Fans are going just a little crazy over Becky G’s appearance at Rauw Alejandro’s concert, with many attendees feeling like they definitely “won”:

Still, there is a whole other slew of fans who attended Rauw Alejandro’s day one concert instead of day two— and they feel “robbed”:

Others? Well, people that neither attended day one nor two of the concert still imagined what they would do if they saw Becky G perreando. And yes, that apparently includes throwing some pretty interesting clothing items onstage:

Most of us? Well, we may or may not practice Becky G’s dance moves in the mirror in preparation for our own hot girl summer:

And in the meantime, this is all of us right now: