Bad Bunny‘s 73 Questions with Vogue just dropped, and it’s a rollercoaster ride through the “Moscow Mule” star’s mind. The interviewer follows El Conejo Malo while on his Most Wanted Tour, asking him questions like what his mom thinks of his music— she prefers “Un Verano Sin Ti”— and whether he prefers a Boricua tripleta sandwich or habichuelas. Spoiler alert: he hates habichuelas (we’re shook, too). The rapid-fire interview is interesting yet decidedly-chill, showing a different side to the singer— horn-rimmed glasses and all:

While Bad Bunny steers clear of revealing too much in the interview— and shows his mastery at avoiding certain topics— it’s still a very-entertaining 20 minutes. In fact, the “Agosto” singer reveals surprising details including his pre-concert self-care routine (massages and hydration FTW) and his first live show (“very small”).

What celebrity would Bad Bunny like to play in a movie?

The interviewer starts by asking Bad Bunny about his tour, which is eerily “peaceful” and “relaxed.” The singer says he loves to “rest,” refuses to “pressure himself,” and “doesn’t do much” while waiting to go onstage. And when given a choice between Medalla and Corona beer, he prefers… water.

Which, brings us to our next subject. What celebrity would Benito like to play in a movie if given the chance? Strangely enough, “Padre Alberto.” Yes, Padre Alberto Cutié, the Cuban-American priest who you probably saw afterschool on Telemundo’s “Padre Alberto”— and who also officiated Celia Cruz’s funeral. Padre Alberto was a Catholic priest throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, until he famously fell in love and later joined the Episcopal church.

Do you think Benito could pull it off? As our abuelas would say, “tiene un aire”… sort of:

While Benito’s Padre Alberto reveal was one of the highlights of the interview, he also dropped a few other surprises. If given the chance to play an animated character, he would choose Batman or Spiderman (we’re into it!).

Bad Bunny also admitted that he only gets around 4 to 5 hours of sleep every night, but that he thinks “that is enough” for him to feel rested. In fact, in his world, 8 hours of sleep a night classifies you as a “dormilón.” Why do you have to call us out like that, Benito?

When it comes to pricey purchases, Bad Bunny’s biggest splurge is his Bugatti Chiron Sport 110, which cost him $3 million. Benito joked in the interview about “regretting” the car— and he wasn’t kidding. He previously told Molusco TV that he “doesn’t know what to do” with the car because “everything” has caused issues: “insurance, government, taxes.” He also said that “everyone” recognizes him in the vehicle, so he can never drive it.

And by 2022— his Bugatti was hit by a Lamborghini Urus in Miami at the opening night of his restaurant Gekkō. So there’s that.

Benito’s favorite Pokemon characters? Charmander and Charizard. And when it comes to learning Spanish, the singer is as relatable as ever. “I like speaking English in private,” he stated. “Sometimes transmitting your emotions, or what you really feel… when I translate that to English, it’s not the same.”

And yes, he still thinks “bicho” is the most complicated Boricua slang— because people never quite get the meaning. Hint: Puerto Ricans don’t mean it as “insect”!

And while Bad Bunny is not running for governor anytime soon, he feels more mature after his 30th birthday. “There are a lot of things I say in my [latest] album that I don’t want to say after 30,” he stated. “After 30, I want to focus on other things, a new musical, mental, spiritual, and romantic era. A lot of different things that I don’t identify anymore with this album.”

His “Titi” might be proud of his maturity— especially if that includes getting serious with his romantic life?